The Final Countdown: T minus 2 days

1. The headcold rages unabated. In retrospect, purchasing stock in Kleenex about three months ago would have been a good move.

2. To be honest, if anyone said the phrase “the power of positive thinking” to me right now I would probably kick them in the nards, but there *are* some things making me happy […]


Inability to find a comfortable position in which to sleep/sit/eat/exist? Check. General grumpiness? Check. Constant fatigue, due to item 1 and contributing to item 2? Check. Lower back and round ligament pain? Check. Irritating emotional instability? Check. Possibly irrational levels of anger at Mr. Squab’s place of employment for its no-leave-nohow-for-nobody policy? Check. Maybe. […]

Two Things

1. If this baby doesn’t stop stomping on my bladder and/or cervix on a regular basis we are going to have WORDS.

2. How is it possible that I have a gajillion cookbooks and yet none of them has a recipe for red velvet cake? Even the southern ones? Thank Maude for the internets.


Items of Note

1. I have officially entered the waddling and stretchy-clothes-only stage of pregnancy. That’s about two months earlier than last time, for those of you keeping track.

2. Nine disturbingly misogynistic old print ads – can I just say: Whoa. The first one, in particular, I don’t even UNDERSTAND.

3. It’s official – atheist countries are […]

A matched set

We got our big ultrasound today, the one where they measure all the baby parts and check the heart and weight and fluids and tell you what flavor fetus you have in there, if you want to know.

Which we did.

So they told us.

OK, OK … it’s a girl! She was squirming around […]

tap-tap-tap … Is this thing on?

Wait … I have a BLOG? Holy crap, why didn’t anyone tell me?!?!

OK, I know it’s been about forever since I last posted. I can always tell that it’s been too long when I start getting concerned emails from friends and family with carefully worded greetings along the lines of “oh, hi, hope everything […]


Well, I SPECTACULARLY failed my gestational diabetes test this morning. How spectacularly, you ask? Well, let me put it this way: there are normally two tests for GD. You take the first, shorter one, and if you fail that then you have to take the longer, four hour one so they can really make sure. […]

Not Dead.

Just so, so tired. Also looking forward to having really COLD milk tomorrow. But mostly tired.

And the nausea? Definitely getting worse. We are NOT having more than two kids, y’all.