Autumn with a vengeance

This week definitely feels like the start of the school year. This is true mostly because it IS, in fact, the start of my school year – I start teaching my classes Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week – and also of the Hatchling’s school year, with a new ECFE class beginning tomorrow morning. But […]


Man, I hate days like today. Today’s badness actually started last night, when I realized that not only would I have to renege on my offer to watch J’s daughter this morning, but I’d have to ask J to watch the Hatchling so I could attend an orientation meeting for my new job (that they […]

Same shit, different pregnancy

Look, howsabout I just repost this? It’s pretty much exactly what I’d write today, anyway. Only moreso.

Nausea update in which I swear a lot and abuse the all caps key

Nausea medicine is a Good Thing. The stuff I’m on, Reclan, while it doesn’t make me feel *completely* normal, still has gotten me back to functionality, which is wonderful. I was talking to my sister about this (she has a new blog! Go read! Maybe then she will post more!) and we were trying to […]


Sorry for the light posting lately. I’ve been cowering at home, positive that my ultrasound today would show a permanently deformed or even non-existent fetus. But all is well. There’s a real live shrimp in there, with a tail and little arm and leg buds and a yolk sac that looks like a thought bubble […]

So, like, iPhones are awesome and stuff

The Hatchling and I have been enjoying our new toy all day. I downloaded a cool “bubbles” app that was expressly designed for interfering toddlers – you glide your fingers across the screen and bubbles appear, then you tap your finger to “pop” them – and so far it’s a big hit. We also quite […]

Make it stop

I swear, this time the nausea is worse than before. I have up days and down days, and it’s worse in the mornings, but y’all: I am siiiiiiiiiiiiiick. Lawsy. Today was a bad day: I didn’t even get out of my PJs until like 4:30 and all I wanted to do was lie on the […]

Well, THAT was a colossal waste of time

Called the Apple store at 11:00 to see if they had any iPhones. Was told they had “lots” of all the different models, and to “come on down.” Called Mr. Squab and told him to meet us there. Got to Mall of America and saw line in front of store. Got in line, was told […]

Welcome to my rollercoaster

I thought, when I was contemplating gestation the secomd time around, that it would be easier. You know, I’ve done it before, I have some idea of how my body responds to it, I know what to expect when I’m expecting, etc., etc. Surely, this time would be at least a LITTLE less fraught with […]

Weekend Recap

1. Saw Mamma Mia on Friday with BFF and BSL (best sister-in-law). Had a blast singing along to ABBA and wishing that I would EVER be as beautiful as Meryl Streep. Is it silly? Yes. Can Pierce Brosnan sing? Hell, no. But he’s still damn cute, and it was a fun, popcorny, summery movie.

2. […]