You are not even PREPARED for the cuteness

The Hatchling, Mr. Squab and I went to Como Park’s ZooBoo on Sunday with some friends, thanks to some free tix from Questionable. (Thanks, Q!) There were hordes of becostumed children, dressed as everything you can imagine: fairies and princesses, animals of all descriptions, superheroes, Star Wars folk, dinosaur-kids and shark-babies galore. You will be […]


I know. I know! A whole week without any posts. Erk. Last week really kicked my ass, mental-health-wise. Insomnia kicked in again (it seems to be going around) and I just could not get out of a deep blue funk. I’m still not totally out of it, in fact, which is really getting old. Something’s […]

Pros and Cons

Bad things about going to the State Fair:1. All the park-and-ride lots full. WTF?2. Bastard fellow-humans refuse to help friend get her stroller off the shuttle.3. Freaky Canadian geese in parking lot blocking off available spaces.4. Cranky one-year-old means no time to look for cheese curds. Bugger.5. Cranky one-year-old refuses to stay in stroller or […]

Phun with Photos: a Brief Essay in Pictures



The Culprits:

OMG Ponies!!1!

This weekend was a study in contrasts, child-entertainment-wise. On Saturday, we went with some friends to Rosefest, a celebration of the founder of the Minneapolis parks system that took place in our old neighborhood. It was a little sad being back in the old nabe, because holy crap is it a nicer locale than our […]


This past weekend we got a last-minute invite to spend some time at a fabulous cabin on a beautiful lake with some wonderful friends and their two adorable children. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance. The weather was absolutely perfect all weekend long, and it was the most relaxing “vacation” we’ve had since […]

Two weeks of turning one: a photo narrative

As befits the only granddaughter and the youngest member of a very large family, the Hatchling had quite an extended series of first birthday celebrations. It started with a little family fete at home on the night of her birthday. We opened a few presents, and more importantly, ate cupcakes for the very first time:


Friday Extremely Cute Baby Blogging

This year’s Christmas photos notwithstanding, I don’t normally go for the standard posey-posey, fake backgroundy pictures. Our wedding photographers were photojournalists, and while we did do some of the traditional poses, my favorite pictures by far were the unposed ones. Having been sucked into the Kiddie Kandids for holiday pix (and really, the name tells […]

Random Tidbits

1. I don’t know if it’s the changing seasons, or still recovering from my show, or what, but MOTHERFUCKER I am tired. Tiredtiredtired all the timetimetime. Anyone know how to freebase caffeine?

2. The Hatchling quite enjoyed her first Easter. As certified heathens, we didn’t do a damn thing resurrectional or christly over the weekend. […]

Maybe if I post a cute picture, no one will notice that I’m not actually blogging.