File this under “Things That are Awesome”

Picked up the Hatchling from her second day of preschool this morning (verdict: still loving it), and as soon as the Sprout saw her big sister, her face totally lit up with a HUGE grin. Then they spend virtually the entire ride home just looking at each other and laughing, while the Hatchling kept saying, […]

Well, there goes my mother of the week award.

You know how, when you have a baby, there are all these WARNINGS about things? Most of which involve never leaving your child unattended? Especially when they’re infants? Because they might fall? But of course when they’re newborns they can’t really move at all so you sort of can leave them unattended even though you […]

It all balances out in the end

How to Charm Me:Sleep for 11.5 hours straight through the night. Oh, sweet sleep. Oh, good baby.

How to Irritate the Crap Out of Me:Sleep an unprecedented 11.5 hours straight through the night, causing me to waken numerous times in absolute certainty that you had died in your sleep and we’d never get to try […]

Just for the record

In the historic and recurring battle of Baby Teeth vs. Mommy Nipple, the Teeth will win.

Every time.


We have teeth, people. Well, specifically, the Hatchling has teeth. Two of them. In her typical overachiever fashion, she decided to cut both of her center bottom teeth at the same time. Now that they’re out, she is much more talkative, and is spending a lot of time making very funny faces as she feels […]