Well, hello. Ahem. Anybody still out there? Soooo … it’s been awhile. I guess I needed a break or something. Actually, that would be “or something” because it’s not so much that I needed a break from blogging (I mentally narrate my day in blog posts; it’s sad) as it is … other stuff. Part […]

Portrait of a Sick Baby

The Hatchling is having her first cold. It manifested itself in a runny nose yesterday, and escalated to a 102 degree fever this afternoon. Other than being a little more cuddly and needing more naps than usual, she’s been her usual sunny self; but when her fever got high and her nose was so […]

Solid. Solid as a Rock.

Or at least a rice grain. Yes, after several comically failed attempts, the Hatchling is eating solids. Our pediatrician had suggested that we start her on fruits or vegetables rather than rice cereal, which sounded kind of bizarre to me. But we gamely tried it, and you should have SEEN the faces she made. Not […]

Lullaby, and good night

So, I know he’s not for everyone, but I bleeping love Dr. Ferber. His sentiments fit really well with our parenting style, and I swear to god his is the ONLY book on children’s sleep habits that isn’t badly written, condescending, or oversimplified. It’s so refreshing to read a parenting book that treats you like […]

Labor Day Jaunt

One of the best things about living in Minneapolis is the park system. Minneapolis has more lakes in the Metro area than probably any other big city in the US, and the parks system takes full advantage of them. Instead of letting developers plunk McMansions down along the shorelines, all the bigger lakes are open […]

This settles it

I’d sort of been wondering where the Hatchling was going to fall in the Squotient Triangulum. Not having applied it to a kid before, I wasn’t sure how long it would be before I could tell what she was. I mean, maybe she wouldn’t develop her squotient until puberty! But as of this morning, I […]

Oral Retentive

Top ten non-food related things the Hatchling enjoys putting in her mouth (this week):

10. Keys – real, fake, whatever9. Her own toes8. The TV remote7. My forehead/cheeks6. The horns on her stuffed giraffe5. Mr. Squab’s nose4. My hands3. The eyeballs of her stuffed frog2. The trunk of her stuffed elephant 1. Both her fists. […]

Angels and Demons

Yesterday, the Hatchling took a glorious three hour nap in the afternoon, on top of a 70 minute nap in the morning. Rather than enjoying this unprecedented event, my inner demon came out and started bitching about how it would just be nice if I knew in advance that she was going to sleep that […]

Long Tall Sally

The Hatchling had her 4 month check-up today. I was a wee tad apprehensive about the visit, since last time she FREAKED OUT about her shots, resulting in me inadvertenly spraying milk all over the pediatrician’s office in my efforts to nurse her back to sanity. But she was amazingly low key about the whole […]