Toddlers of Mass Destruction

This last Thursday, we had dinner with the Hatchling’s BFF Fiona and her lovely mama. We gorged ourselves on pasta from Fat Lorenzo’s, and by the end of the meal the girls’ shirts were so completely besmirched with alfredo sauce, there was nothing for it but to remove them entirely. And all I have to […]

Parenting Trials

So, last week? The week I basically didn’t post anything? Was a really, really rough week, parenting-wise. I don’t know what it is about almost-20-months old, but lately everything is a mommy vs. Hatchling battle, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell regular readers who’s winning. One low point was when I accidentally engineered […]

Quick Take

OK, it’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, yo, and we’re hosting this year, so there is NO TIME for blogging, but I had to drop in and post this, because: PIGTAILS!

Three-quarter view:

Rear view:

You have noooooo idea how long I’ve waited for the Hatchling to have enough hair for pigtails. Well, ok, actually, you […]