The Supremes to my Diana

Things that are not fun: going to the MOA this evening to buy Mr. Squab some much-needed shoes with an extremely crank-ass toddler in tow. She didn’t want to be carried, no she DID want to be carried WHY AREN’T YOU CARRYING HER? Just let her run in the shoe aisles, that’s all she ever […]

You are not even PREPARED for the cuteness

The Hatchling, Mr. Squab and I went to Como Park’s ZooBoo on Sunday with some friends, thanks to some free tix from Questionable. (Thanks, Q!) There were hordes of becostumed children, dressed as everything you can imagine: fairies and princesses, animals of all descriptions, superheroes, Star Wars folk, dinosaur-kids and shark-babies galore. You will be […]

Too good not to share

We think the Hatchling may, finally, be hitting her verbal stage. For the longest time she’s had the same few words (kitty, hi, no, dada, ok, yeah) and relied on her (surprisingly effective) baby babble for everthing else. But then on Sunday she spontaneously came out with two very clear new words, each with an […]

Things that just kill me

In a bad way: taking the Hatchling to the Dr.’s office for her 18 month checkup and watching her struggle, so hard, to keep it together during the appointment. And then when she got too scared and broke down, watching her try so hard to get her brave face back. It just KILLS me.

In […]

Here’s how it is

Every parent has stuff they bitch about when it comes to their particular child-raising situation. Maybe your kid only eats white foods, or refuses to take baths, or only likes death-metal lullabies. The kids, they’re quirky, and they’re all pre-loaded with sucky habits for parents to fixate on. At the same time, though, most of […]