Ear, Nose and Throat

So remember last week, when the Hatchling had that fever and sore throat? Well, it went away, but she still seemed a little out of sorts over the weekend. Not sleeping well, more clingy than usual, a little more fragile. You know, the kind of thing where you can’t tell if it’s illness or just […]


The Hatchling has some kind of bug that involves a fever and crankiness, interspersed with general lassitude.

In a related event, I have the damn theme song to “Elmo’s World” permanently lodged in my brain.

Overall, not one of my better days as a parent.

A brief vignette

Last night, the Hatchling, Mr. Squab and I had to go to a men’s clothing chain store to get Mr. Squab a suit for my brother’s upcoming wedding. The Hatchling hadn’t taken her usual excess of naps and is generally going through a clingy/cranky phase, so I was not sanguine about her ability to wait […]

The Good Stuff

This evening, the Hatchling came over to the sofa, snuggled up to my left side, took my right hand and put it over her tummy, and then held that hand in both of her little chubby ones. Then she leaned back and crossed her ankles, perfectly positioned to watch a little evening telly. (We’re partial […]


I know. I know! A whole week without any posts. Erk. Last week really kicked my ass, mental-health-wise. Insomnia kicked in again (it seems to be going around) and I just could not get out of a deep blue funk. I’m still not totally out of it, in fact, which is really getting old. Something’s […]