I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened sooner

This last weekend, we’re all sitting in the girls’ room getting dressed in the morning, and the girls are doing their usual early-morning goofy thing making faces and noises at each other and laughing at the results. It’s pretty awesome, and at one point the Hatchling looks over at me, mid-laugh, and says, “That Sylvia […]


You know how sometimes you go on vacation and even though travel can be stressful it’s kind of nice to get away from things and then you get back and the house isn’t clean and the cat has puked on the sofa and you know you have a ton of emails to get to and […]

A Whole New World

So I mentioned that I have a “nanny” this week, meaning that for the first time I’m spending entire days away from the Hatchling. But did I also mention that we’re having our roof re-shingled this week? Cos we are. It was loooooong overdue – we knew when we bought the place a year ago […]