Random Tidbits

1. The Hatchling used to pronounce her favorite movie trilogy “Stah Woahs,” which we enjoyed because it made her sound like Randy Newman. Now she’s (finally) getting her R’s she says it more like “Str Wrrrs,” which is less cute but equally funny.

2. In other Hatchling-speech related news, the kid has recently added another […]

Friday Extremely Cute Baby Blogging

This year’s Christmas photos notwithstanding, I don’t normally go for the standard posey-posey, fake backgroundy pictures. Our wedding photographers were photojournalists, and while we did do some of the traditional poses, my favorite pictures by far were the unposed ones. Having been sucked into the Kiddie Kandids for holiday pix (and really, the name tells […]

Random Tidbits

1. I don’t know if it’s the changing seasons, or still recovering from my show, or what, but MOTHERFUCKER I am tired. Tiredtiredtired all the timetimetime. Anyone know how to freebase caffeine?

2. The Hatchling quite enjoyed her first Easter. As certified heathens, we didn’t do a damn thing resurrectional or christly over the weekend. […]

Clever Girl

I was putting the Hatchling down for her nap today, the key component of which is rocking her while she sucks down a bottle. This time, she lifted up the bottle a little too enthusiastically and squirted herself liberally in the face with warm formula. Nothing daunted, she chuckled quietly to herself, as if to […]