I write letters

Dear Molars,You suck. Why you gotta hurt so much coming in? Moreover, why you gotta come in four at a time? That just seems like unnecessary zealousness on your part. Christ, the Sprout is only ten months old. Surely she doesn’t need to get ALL of her teeth this month. Take a break, already!

Sincerely,The […]

Maybe if I post a cute picture, no one will notice that I’m not actually blogging.


Equation for the week

(Parents visiting last weekend + rehearsals ramping up) * Baby erupting with 1 year molars, 2 year molars and upper canines ALL AT THE SAME TIME/no more late afternoon naps = no goddamn time for breathing, much less blogging.

Oh, and: Mr. Squab broke a tooth, and must now make a pilgrimage to the dentist […]

I guess she’s feeling better

One of the aftermaths (is that a word?) of the Bolivian Death Flu was that we all lost our appetites for about a week. The Hatchling had a particularly hard time with this; she seemed scared to eat any baby food and would only take things she could feed herself: bread, cheese, pieces of fruit, […]