(Lazy) Poetry Blogging

I just really like this one. (And yes, I’ll be posting summaries of Inverness and Edinburgh, as soon as I’m recovered from this damn cold.)

operation: get down by Alex Lemon It is very Common To have

A cave within us To hide

Away in when it all Seems hopeless. To cry

Tears of mostly […]

The London Bridge is NOT falling down

OK, I can’t upload any pictures, but I thought I’d pop on while we have wifi and wax lyrical about the trip so far. You know, just so you can be maximally jealous. I’m nice like that.

So the plane ride was totally uneventful, except that I’ve apparently lost the ability to sleep on a […]

‘Allo, ‘allo

So have I mentioned that I’m going to London and Scotland for the next 10 days?

Oh, I’m sorry – what? Where the hell have I been? I should let a person know if I’m going to be gone that long? This relationship is a two way street?

Geez, I know. What can I say? […]