Friday Video Blogging

TGIF, y’all. In honor of the weekend, here’s a little Hatchling video of a game she and her BFF invented Wednesday at playgroup. It’s SO TOTALLY HILARIOUS … if you’re almost three. But it’s pretty funny even if you’re older.

The Kissing Game from Squab on Vimeo.


Calgon, take me the fuck AWAY

So the stomach bug recurrence only lasted 24 hours, thank Maude, which meant that after an evening’s hard labor cleaning the public areas of the house, the Hatchling and I were able to host playgroup this morning, and very much enjoyed a mellow morning with some of our favorite moms and toddlers. (Well, the moms […]

No, no, no, no, NO

You must have misheard me. I said “NO MORE viruses”, not “Please send me a recurrence of the stomach bug.” You have to LISTEN.

My kingdom for a main floor bathroom. Argh.

Liveblogging Oscars 2009

Right: time for the show itself. We’ve been promised some innovations. I remain skeptical. However, spending 3 hours with Hugh Jackman in a tux can’t be all bad, right?

7:30 – Oooh, sparkly. I like sparkly. Ok, I’m amused so far. HJ totally has the chops to do a musical revue. Who knew Anne Hathaway […]

Liveblogging Oscars 2009: Preshow

OK, keeds. It’s that time of year, and since we once again did not get our acts together in time to have an Oscar party, I will be liveblogging the awards. Keep hitting that refresh button for new injections of snark!

First, here are my predictions for some of the major categories:Original Score: Slumdog MillionaireOriginal […]

I’m just saying …

Look: I don’t know who dropped the ball on this one, but can we all agree that there should be a rule that if you’re pregnant – or at least more than, say, 5 months pregnant – you DO NOT get sick? That seems like a no brainer, right? Yeah. Tell that to the stomach […]

Shake it

Mr. Squab’s mom was in town briefly this week, and the Hatchling always likes to provide guests with the latest in toddler entertainment. Here’s a little sample of the show she put on. Yeah, the lighting is crappy, but you CANNOT DENY THE MOVES.Dancing Ellie, February 2009 from Elise Robinson on Vimeo.


Gah. Busy.

Relatives in town.Prepping for Kid 2.0.(One month left. ACK.)Trying to catch up on teaching stuff.Would prefer to be sleeping, eating or peeing most of the time.


I will post a cute video tomorrow, I promise.

In the meantime, is it just me, or does “the Island of Sodor” sound a lot […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

I know it’s all chic and cool to hate on Valentine’s day, but fuck it: any holiday that includes nice flowers and the consumption of good chocolate is A-OK with me, fabricated or not. However, just because I like V-day doesn’t mean I don’t have a sense of humor about it:

Don’t be a whore, […]

Just another literary evening in the Squab household

Should I be concerned that my almost-three-year-old chooses more heavyweight reading material than I do?