Ha! Got this from my friend Alex. Had to share. Thanks for the home remedy suggestions! I will try them all.more music charts


I’m still #$*()#@$#&! sick. I no longer feel like death warmed over and I’ve been able to sleep a little the last two nights, but I’m sure as hell not healthy. Twice today I had a coughing fit so hard that I puked. Fun times. I’ve also had four, count ’em, FOUR doctor’s appointments this […]

Well, this just makes me feel like an underachiever

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (AP) — Catriona Matthew, the 39-year-old Scot five months pregnant with her second child, won the inaugural HSBC LPGA Brazil Cup by five shots over Kristy McPherson of the United States on Sunday.


“When you play well you don’t feel tired,” Matthew said. “Maybe tomorrow I will feel it […]

My weekend is full of ARRRGH

The Hatchling and I both have horrible colds. The Hatchling came down with hers last Sunday, and I started feeling bluggy on Thursday night, and we’re both in pretty pitiful shape. A lot of hacking, wheezing, endless blowing of noses – you get the picture. But here’s what sucks extra about having a cold in […]

This one’s for you, Dad

(Thanks, Lori!)

This week’s pregnancy lesson

If you’re in the third trimester and vaguely resemble a beached whale in profile, it is perhaps not the wisest move to lie down on your back so you can zip up your recently washed jeans. This is true because:

a) What the fuck are you still trying to wear jeans for? You’re in the […]

This is the kind of thing that can make a squab come over all patriotic

If you haven’t seen this video of Bruce Springsteen, 89-year-old Pete Seeger and Seeger’s grandson leading hundreds of thousands of people on the National Mall in “This Land is Your Land,” you really need to watch it right now. It’s my favorite inaugural moment – first, because Pete Seeger is one of my personal heroes, […]

Quote of the day

Atrios on the former (yesssss!) VP’s formal entrance onto the inaugural platform:

“Who invited Mr. Potter?”

Thoughts on watching the Inauguration

1. Holy Shit, that’s a lotta people.

2. Rick Warren sux.

3. OMG, is that bow eating Aretha’s head?!?!

4. It cannot be easy to play a stringed instrument in that kind of cold weather.

5. It is hard to concentrate on Obama’s speech when you have a toddler in the background repeating “watch Sesame […]

Thoughts on watching NBC’s coverage of pre-Inauguration activities

Peggy Noonan makes me want to barf.