Not so much with the Merry and Bright

The funeral is Friday, so I’ll be flying south tomorrow afternoon, returning Sunday evening. We’ve done some abbreviated Christmas celebrating, with plans to do the rest once everyone is back in town in the New Year. Right now I’m mostly just glad that the Hatchling is so little that she doesn’t really know the difference; […]

… and then my Grandma died.

For one reason or another, this has felt like a particularly stressful Christmas. I really have been trying to cut back on plans and obligations, but this pregnancy is cutting back even further on my ability to cope, so there have been numerous breakdowns this week, and they haven’t all been the Hatchling’s, if you […]

So freaking awesome

Just doing my bit to spread some holiday joy. And Holy Hannah, does this give me a lotta joy. Shamelessly stolen from Questionable:

Christmas Countdown

We’re in the final stretch, y’all. Less than a week until Santa-day. Are you ready? Because I AM NOT. I’m trying to adopt a Zen attitude about it, but it’s not working very well. Probably because it’s a Judeo-Christian holiday, and what goes better with that than a healthy sense of guilt and general overwhelmedness? […]


I swear, this pregnancy is making me a total klutz. I’m not saying that I’m the epitome of grace at the best of times, but the last two weeks my level of physical ineptitude has really gotten ridiculous. I can’t fix a meal without dropping at least three key items on the floor. I can […]

Fa la la la la, la la la la

This is the first year the Hatchling is old enough to want to help with the Christmas decorations. We finally got the tree up this weekend, and she was very “helpful” with the ornaments (or as she likes to call them, the “wondaful decowations”). Sure, she wanted to hang all of them off the same […]

Friday Link Dump

Trying to get rid of some of my open tabs …

Don’t get me wrong, I want higher safety standards for US toys … but leave it to congress to enact regulations that will pretty much ban small handcrafted (and safe) toys from the market. Oy.

Did you hear that Oprah’s gained weight again? This […]


Inability to find a comfortable position in which to sleep/sit/eat/exist? Check. General grumpiness? Check. Constant fatigue, due to item 1 and contributing to item 2? Check. Lower back and round ligament pain? Check. Irritating emotional instability? Check. Possibly irrational levels of anger at Mr. Squab’s place of employment for its no-leave-nohow-for-nobody policy? Check. Maybe. […]


So we’re all set to go to the library this morning, to FINALLY return our insanely overdue books and CDs, and the Hatchling is totally jazzed about it (“I so ‘cited to go whyherry!”) and we get there, and the damn branch doesn’t open on Tuesdays until noon. Not for lack of demand, I might […]

On the mend

Amoxycillin is a wonderful thing. Took the Hatchling to urgent care and only one ear was infected but it had also ruptured – OUCH – and she had a lot of lovely congestion to boot. She haaaaaaaates the medicine (can’t blame her: it’s “orange dreamsicle” flavored) but we’ve been getting it down her gullet twice […]