Two Things

1. If this baby doesn’t stop stomping on my bladder and/or cervix on a regular basis we are going to have WORDS.

2. How is it possible that I have a gajillion cookbooks and yet none of them has a recipe for red velvet cake? Even the southern ones? Thank Maude for the internets.


In the spirit of the day …




Thankful: […]

June Cleaver and Donna Reed would be SHOCKED.

Tonight we were too tired to cook, so we went to a local diner for a quick meal as part of our comprehensive socialize-the-Hatchling-to-behave-in-public-spaces campaign. She did pretty well (for a 2.5 year old), but what was truly impressive was the dinner she ate, which was a nutritious combination of:

a) french friesb) ketchupc) apple […]

What’re you having for T-day?

Ah, Thanksgiving: the publicly sanctioned celebration of gluttony. We will be going up to my parents’ house as early as we can get ourselves going tomorrow, so I can help with the prep and the Hatchling can have quality time with the grandparents. We will be having:

TurkeyDressing (cornbread, not that Yankee whitebread crap)GravySweet potato […]

Items of Note

1. I have officially entered the waddling and stretchy-clothes-only stage of pregnancy. That’s about two months earlier than last time, for those of you keeping track.

2. Nine disturbingly misogynistic old print ads – can I just say: Whoa. The first one, in particular, I don’t even UNDERSTAND.

3. It’s official – atheist countries are […]


Is it wrong that, at two-and-a-half years old, the Hatchling can unplug Mr. Squab’s iPhone from the charger, turn it on, unlock it, open her favorite application and start to play?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.


This has always bothered me, too!

I’m baaaaaaaaaack

Did you miss me? I had a great time in Knoxville; for one thing, the weather was what November is SUPPOSED to be like (40s and 50s, damp, rainy) as opposed to the pre-winter crap we get in this godforsaken state. And for another thing, that baby is CUTE. Hoo. Plus my mom was there, […]

Limit Testing

Whew, the Hatchling has definitely been testing her limits the last couple of days. Everything is a fight. This morning, we needed to make a simple run to Target so I could pick up some prescriptions, and it took us approximately FOUR HOURS to get out of the house. Why? Because there were major tantrums […]

Awesome and Not Awesome

Awesome:Having your mother, who is basically Martha Stewart, come for a visit and cook and clean like a true maniac. She cleaned my room, y’all. She is the ONLY person other than myself whom I would allow to even witness my room in its usual state of chaotic decrepitude, and not only did she witness […]