Oy. I am old.

Tomorrow morning the Hatchling and I are leaving to go up north to my old college town because this weekend is my 15th college reunion. And where did THAT time go, I’d like to know? I’m normally a reunion-averse person – the small talk, the trying to remember people who clearly remember me, the revisiting […]

Memo to Myself

For Future Reference:

While your immersion blender is, indeed, the perfect tool for mixing up the natural peanut butter before it goes in the fridge, next time you might want to remember to HOLD THE HELL ON to the peanut butter jar before pressing the “on” button.

Oil. Everywhere.

A story in pictures

Like many people, we have a birdfeeder in our yard. (Largely for the benefit of the cats and the Hatchling.)

And, like most people with a birdfeeder, we have squirrels who like to partake:

This one, in particular, likes to get a little acrobatic in his seed-seeking endeavors:

But when I saw him do THIS […]

Holy Fuck.

Wow. Here’s some really depressing news for the theatre world: Theatre de la Jeune Lune is closing. From the press release:

MINNEAPOLIS, June 22, 2008 — The Board of Directors of the Twin Cites-based Theatre de la Jeune Lune voted this week to list the theatre‚Äôs headquarters for sale and to shut down the arts […]


You are Wonder WomanYou are a beautiful princesswith great strength of character.

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Saturday musings

It is a GORGEOUS day today here in Minneapolis. Sunny, not too hot, a nice breeze – really just a perfect day to be outside. Not that I really know, mind you, since I’m at my regular coffee shop all day, doing the writing thing, hoping that there will be more perfect days once I’m […]

Linky Bits for Hump Day

Welcome, Shakesville pilgrims. Hope you like what you see. Here are some things to read/watch since I’m not writing today:

1. This is possibly the snarkiest movie review EVER. I mean, this guy commits to the snark.

2. So, I cried like a baby during Hillary’s I’m-stepping-down speech, and I was both surprised at myself […]

An Open Letter to the Douchebag Driving In Front of Me on Hwy. 77

Dear Mr. Asshole,I appreciate that on a lovely, sunny morning it’s nice to drive slowly across town with the top of your convertible down. However, you might want to consider that lowering the roof of your car makes your creepy predilection for gawking at every woman you pass that much more obvious. I imagine there […]

A celebration of Two-ness

We just got the Hatchling’s Two-Year photos back, and just like last year’s, they’re flippin’ adorable. I swear, if I could, I’d hire Katy to just follow me around and document my life in photos, because it would look WAY more interesting and beautiful that way. As it is, we’ll just have to settle for […]

Updates of a Hatchling and other random stuff

1. You know what’s nice? Having friends who invite you over for dinner and make pulled pork, macaroni salad, baked beans, and fruit, followed up by homemade blueberry pie, all of which is so good it’s probably illegal in several states. YUM. (Thanks, Eric and Scott!)

2. Funny Hatchling story: so we’re having brunch with […]