Fatigue and Funny

Holy Jeebus I’m tired. The Hatchling got up at 4:15 this morning and would not go back to bed. I’m beginning to question whether she’s actually my child. Except I know she really is, because a) stretchmarks, and b) she’s just waking up from a nearly 4 hour nap, in which I could not join […]

Review: The Yummy Mummy Manifesto

When it comes to mothering, at least in this culture, there’s a lot of pressure to do it all. Be a combination of Martha Stewart, Marmee from Little Women, June Cleaver, and – oh yeah – make sure you’re still dynamic and sexually attractive. For god’s sake don’t lose your style!! Because, you know, we […]


Our grill was stolen. Mr. Squab noticed it when he came home today; I’d been outside in the afternoon but I have no idea if it was there then or not. It was a pretty sizeable grill, and quite heavy, so we’re guessing that whoever took it did it last night, with a friend to […]

I like long weekends. Let’s have them all the time.

It was a good Memorial Day weekend in Squab country. Mr. Squab came home early on Friday, we had a cookout Saturday night, vegetated on Sunday, and had a picnic on Monday, at our favorite park. Good times. I think we’d all be better off if 3.5 day weekends were standard, don’t you?

Meanwhile, I […]

Friday Recipe Blogging

Did you grow up on the Winnie-the-Pooh books by A. A. Milne? (Note: I said “books” not “movies” and “by A. A. Milne,” not “by Disney.”) If you didn’t, I’m not really sure what to say to you except GO READ THEM NOW. If you did, then you’ll perhaps remember “Cottleston Pie,” one of Pooh’s […]

Old Friends

This evening I had dinner with The Caffeinated Priest (a.k.a. Sarah), who is – literally – my oldest friend. By which I don’t mean that she herself is old (god forbid), but rather that we’ve known each other since we were in utero, which is about as early as you can get. We were born […]

Whoa. Interacting.

This week, I am hosting: a playdate Monday morning, a brunch Tuesday morning, another playdate Wednesday morning, dinner with my oldest friend Wednesday evening, and a cookout at some point over the weekend. This is in addition to our regular ECFE class on Thursday morning, various errand running, and probably several impromptu trips to the […]

A series of brief, possibly trivial, announcements

1. (potential TMI warning) The IUD has been removed. Let the fertility rites commence. Operation Hatchling Siblification has been initiated.

2. Against the advice of people who probably know better, I cut my hair. SHORT. I figured two straight months of viscerally hating my hair every damn day was enough. It is gloriously carefree.

3. […]

Thursday Linky Bits

What you should read/watch since I’m not writing:

Things Younger Than John McCain. You’ll be surprised.

This fascinating NPR story on different ways of dealing with transgender kids. Also look at the Q&A with two of the psychologists mentioned. I find the traditional approach (trying to make kids more ‘comfortable’ in their current gender by […]

Memo to Myself for Future Reference

The problem with leaving the Pledge out on the kitchen countertop is that you’re liable to mistake it for the Pam and spray it all over the inside of the bowl in which you’re about to place your bread dough to rise. Only the lemony scent saved you from a waxy, possibly toxic loaf of […]