I got me some tag.

5 things found in your bag:1. Hand lotion2. Skip Hop diaper thingy3. Random earrings4. Fruit leather and raisins for the Hatchling5. Sigg water bottle

5 favorite things in your room:1. Funky 70s-era chrome mobile2. Ikea gingko-patterned duvet3. Walk-in closet4. Big painting of violets done by an artist friend5. My sweet, […]

Random Tidbits on a Tuesday

1. My hair is driving me crazy. It’s at that in-between stage where it’s not long enough to really do anything with but it’s too long to leave alone. I have to decide if I want to leave it for another month, at which point it will be long enough to put up or back, […]

Right. I have HAD IT.

You know what we had today? SNOW FLURRIES.

You know what the forecast for this coming week is? SHITTY.

You know how much I want to flee this godforsaken state right now? NO. NO, YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE.

Can I PLEEEEEZ win the lottery so I can get the fuck OUTTA here already? It. Is. […]

Drugs I have loved

Last night, before going to bed, I took:

1 Allegra (prescription)1 Singulair (prescription)2 Mucinex DM4 snorts Afrin (the good stuff, back from before they took real decongestants off the shelf)2 puffs asthma inhaler (prescription)2 Benadryl

This is what Mr. Squab calls “pulling a Ledger.” As in Heath Ledger. But he can stick it, because I […]


So what I thought was just bad spring allergies appears to be a head cold ON TOP of bad spring allergies. The Hatchling is also afflicted. And sure, I should probably expect something like this after a huge birthday party, multiple playdates and (on my part) insomnia that lowers resistance, but I would still like […]

Review: A Plumm Summer

It’s summer, and that means it’s blockbuster movie season. There are several mega-movies coming out that are high on my “must-see” list – I love me some good popcorny entertainment – but I admit that by the end of summer I’m often maxxed out on CGI explosions, car crashes, bullet-time and death-defying finales. Enter A […]

Survivor: 2nd Birthday edition

This past Sunday, we celebrated the Hatchling’s birthday with several of her friends. And by several, I mean we had nine – NINE – children between 1-3 at our house, along with twenty-some parent/adult types. That’s a lot of people, yo. But it was all good – the kids were remarkably well-behaved (no meltdowns!), we […]


OMG. The coffee shop is playing the shittiest music right now. Memo to Dunn Bros.: I CANNOT WRITE WHILE CELINE DION IS SINGING.

Why did I not bring my headphones? WHY?!?!?!?!?!

Two Years Old

Dearest Hatchling,Holy Toledo. You’re TWO! I can hardly believe it. Looking back at your 1st year letter, it’s like you’re a completely different person. You’ve passed a lot of major milestones this past year, kiddo. Walking, for example. That’s a pretty huge one. And talking, also quite huge. You have so many words now I […]


Haiku2 for snarkysquab

rascally toddlersagain i’m trying to saysomething like no no

@ Created by Grahame […]