Human Frailty

My friend Carole has a piece up on NPR today. She’s been through some experiences I can’t even imagine, and she writes about it all beautifully and poignantly. Head on over and give it a read/listen.


I’m making a cinnamon-chocolate bundt cake for a potluck we’re going to tomorrow, but I can’t decide how to frost it. Should I go with a chocolate glaze? Cream cheese frosting? Chocolate buttercream? Caramel icing? I just can’t decide … what would you make you salivate the most?

Thursday Recipe Blogging

I meant to put this up yesterday but never got around to it. We have a TON of leftover ham from Easter, so I’ve been trolling through my recipe files for creative ways of cooking it. A person can only eat so many ham sandwiches, you know? Anyhoo, I came across this recipe that I’d […]

Random Tidbits on a Tuesday

1. Is there anything more annoying when you’re trying to write than having Microsoft Word repeatedly shut down on you FOR NO REASON? I hate you, Bill Gates.

2. I came *this* close to actually calling in and voting for an American Idol tonight. Does this mean I’m having a midlife crisis, or is it […]

Happy Easter!

Oma made the Hatchling a fetching easter dress:(She’s also apparently borrowed her aunt’s Treo for some quick text messaging. It’s soooo hard to keep up with one’s social obligations when one is almost two.)

Quote of the Day

Twisty again. Because I just can’t help it:

I’m gonna start calling myself an evangelical pro-life Republican. I’ll go on talk shows and say, “Well, Rush, the mistake made by the *old* evangelical pro-life Republicans was that they relied for their ideas on a 2000 year old novel written by misogynist barbarians. The *new* evangelical […]

Just in time for Good Friday

The Passion of the Tchotchke.

(via the caffeinated priest)

In exile

So since Tuesday night I’ve been up in the wilds of central Minnesota, house- and cat-sitting for my parents while they’re at a conference in Pasadena (lucky stiffs). And, oh yeah, trying to get some larger quantities of writing done. It’s sooooo quiet here, y’all. Partly because I’m out in the country, and partly because, […]

Quote of the Day

This is quite possibly the funniest thing I have read all year:

I dare anybody to keep a straight face who darkens the stoop of the Sparkman/Hillcrest Funeral Home, Mausoleum, and Memorial Park. You wouldn’t believe this joint. It was like the set designers from Twin Peaks and Napoleon Dynamite had fused with Elvis Presley’s […]

Faith. And also Begorrah.

Well, I got almost four pages written, plus I have a detailed plan for how the rest of the chapter is going to go. Mom says that counts. We had a video conference on Sunday (so web 2.0) to set goals for writing this week. One of the many good things about having my Mom […]