Still Waters

You know how when you were little and your mother or grandmother would tell you “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”?

Yeah … that.

I have a bunch of books I want to review for the blog, and family updates and pictures to post, and at some point […]

Random Tidbits

I got nothin’. The sickness is past, thank goodness, and we are back to being rascally toddlers again. I’m trying to get some writing done. Emphasis on “trying.” I enjoyed the Oscars. Aaaaaand … yeah. That’s all I got. But here, watch this:

And then you might want to get one of these.

Also, […]


We have an extremely sick, extremely pathetic little Hatchling in our house. We’re pretty sure it’s the flu: high fever, vomiting, lethargy, no appetite, etc. Also, which is fun for everyone, really disturbed sleep. We spent the entire day sitting on the sofa, covered by blankets, watching Sesame Street and The Upside Down Show. Of […]

Sunday Recipe Blogging

I was kind of a slacker in the domestic department this week, so yesterday I thought I’d better make an especially good dinner. We had some beef that needed cooking, so I decided to make BBQ beef with cornbread and spinach greens – a good southern meal. I used my mother-in-law’s barbecue recipe with some […]

Weekly Index

Number of hours spent “writing” this week: 8Portion of that time during which anything actually got done: too small to measurePercentage of writing time that I felt like banging my head against a hard surface: 100Ratio of naps taken to days of the week: 1:1Days during which my nap times could have been more profitably […]


Happy V-day, everyone. Remember: you get chocolate even if you don’t have a valentine.

So. Awesome.

OK, this has already been posted everywhere, but on the off-chance that you haven’t seen it yet, SEE IT NOW:

(If you haven’t seen the Obama video of which this is a spoof, you can watch that here.)

Back to the grindstone

Well, that was a lovely little break. Of course, we picked one of the coldest weekends of the year to go up to a cabin in the northernmost part of Minnesota. (It was below zero pretty much the whole time, and as we were packing up to go on Sunday the temperature was around -20. […]

Gone Fishin’

This afternoon I am heading up north with three girlfriends to spend the weekend at a lake cabin. I will eat food without having to share it, read non-board books, drink liquor, and swear a lot. It will be grand. Please send loving thoughts to Mr. Squab, who is staying home with the Hatchling. Have […]

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Happy 30th Birthday, Mr. Squab!!

We’re sure glad you were born.