See, now, THIS is the stuff that makes me want to vote for her

I admit it: I’m already getting election fatigue. I honestly DO NOT CARE which of the top two democratic candidates gets the nod. Really! I will be all too happy to vote for either one of them! I’m just so tired of the campaigning and trying to keep track of who’s gone more stupidly negative […]

Warning: Self-Indulgent Rant below

So I just called my doctor about getting back on Zoloft for a while. Specifically, until I’m done with my damn degree. Because, y’all: I have been FREAKING OUT about this whole thing. My three primary emotions about my dissertation are fear, anger, and resentment. Fear that I can’t do it, can’t complete it after […]

Local Alert

For those of you who are interested in such things, and live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, John Edwards is in town tonight:

Event with John EdwardsJan 29, 20087:00 p.m.Carpenters Union Hall710 Olive St.St. Paul, Minn.

If we didn’t have ECFE tonight, I’d probably go. I’m still waffling on whom to caucus for come Tuesday, […]

As requested

It’s good, right? Now y’all excuse me as I go breathe into a paper bag for a few minutes, as I just saw an email from my advisor in my inbox.

Now on with the show

Just got back from dropping my mom off at the airport, after having spent a satisfying afternoon getting pedicures and having lunch out on the town while Mr. Squab watched the Hatchling (and played video games while she was napping). I had my first ever straight-male pedicurist, and he totally put rhinestones on my toes […]

It’s a good thing I’m hard-headed

You know how sometimes, when your mom has taken a whole week off from her extremely busy career to watch your kid just so you can have some dedicated writing time and jumpstart the massive revisions you need to do on your dissertation and you aren’t sleeping well because that’s how your stupid, self-defeating brain […]


The Hatchling is now officially word-crazy, having added such words and phrases as “Go, Car, Go!” (a favorite book), “feet” (sounds like ‘phweet!’), shoe, nose, Oma, down, outside, all done and cookie to her ever-burgeoning vocabulary. Two cute things about that: one, she’s developed a pattern of asking what a thing is, and then once […]

Conspiring against me

Loud-macking barista-girlfriend is gone today. However, the free wi-fi is extremely spotty. How am I supposed to waste time surfing the internet when I should be writing if the damn internet keeps going down? EXPLAIN THAT.

OK, seriously.

If the chick sitting kitty-corner from me does not stop loudly macking on her barista boyfriend I AM GOING TO VOMIT.

I’m sure they’re perfectly nice people, I’m happy they’re so in love, it’s fabulous that they can spend the day together, but for christ’s sake GET A ROOM OR SOMETHING. PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO […]

Semolina Pilchard

It’s day one of Revisions Week in squab country. Mamasquab has come all the way from Michigan to watch the Hatchling during the day so I can have extended writing/revising time on Ye Olde Dissertatione. I’m back in regular contact with my dissertation director after a long break. Things are progressing, and it looks like […]