It’s that time of year again. Time to watch post-stroke Dick Clark mumble his way through the “Rockin’” New Year’s Eve, start thinking about taking down the decorations, stop counting cookies as one of the major food groups and generally get one’s house in order for the new year. And resolutions. Time for resolutions. Actually, […]

Christmas pictorial

We baked cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Presents were opened.

Drawings were drewed.

MORE presents were opened.

We took pictures of it all.

Overall, a most satisfactory holiday. Here’s hoping yours was the same. Now go decorate a virtual gingerbread house. MUCH neater than the real thing.


Embarrassing moments in heterosexuality

Scene: a coffee shop with a large play area, where I’m having a playdate with lovely new friend J, who just happens to be a lesbian, and her 18-month-old daughter.

J (referring to her daughter’s gorgeous hair): Yeah, she didn’t get those curls from me!

Me (thinking): But [partner] has kind of curly hair, right?


Tired. Really. Now have some soup.

Between various kinds of family insanity (’tis the season!), last minute Christmas prep, and the Hatchling having a bad head cold and consequently being Madame Le Cranqueass, I am tired, y’all. In fact, I’m taaaaaaaahred. I’m sure I have interesting things to blog about, but I can’t recall what any of them are. So instead […]

Cookies I have baked

It’s baking season, y’all. This past weekend I made:

Gingerbread cookies (approx. twelvety billion)Domino cookies* (about 5 dozen)White chocolate dipped pretzels (a bag’s worth)Dough for sugar cookies

Upcoming:Rolling out, cutting out, baking and decorating said sugar cookiesBourbon BallsMini-panettones

I do not mess around with the Christmas baking. Now here’s my great-grandmother’s sugar-cookie recipe. These are […]

Toddlers of Mass Destruction

This last Thursday, we had dinner with the Hatchling’s BFF Fiona and her lovely mama. We gorged ourselves on pasta from Fat Lorenzo’s, and by the end of the meal the girls’ shirts were so completely besmirched with alfredo sauce, there was nothing for it but to remove them entirely. And all I have to […]

You’re damn right, it does

This squab hath a pleasant seat.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

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Bookish meme

I done been tagged.

Total Number of Books?Ehm … a bagajillion? I honestly have no idea how many books I own. Doing an extremely rough estimate by linear feet of shelves, I have over 1,100 out in the house, plus probably another 800 or so in boxes in the basement or at my dad’s house […]

Parenting Trials

So, last week? The week I basically didn’t post anything? Was a really, really rough week, parenting-wise. I don’t know what it is about almost-20-months old, but lately everything is a mommy vs. Hatchling battle, and I’m sure I don’t need to tell regular readers who’s winning. One low point was when I accidentally engineered […]

Nerd Alert

I actually have quite a few things to blog about this week – I got tagged for a book meme, there are some recipes to share, we just decorated for Xmas so I could post some photos – but I just spent about three hours completely reorganizing my address book on Gmail so it’s all […]