Friday Video Blogging

For Adults (or, actually, for cat owners of any age), courtesy my sister:

Wake Up!

For Kids (or the immature childlike of any age):

That’s about the size of it

Also, this is pretty damn funny.


Ironic, or just sucky?

So Mr. Squab just started a new job at a new design firm (he’s a graphic designer). The main reason he left his old firm, where he had a lot of fabulous coworkers, was that they consistently proved themselves unable to pay him adequately for the work they gave him to do. After almost five […]

Primary Decisions

Well. This may just have solidified my decision as to whom I’ll vote for in the upcoming primaries. (I admit I was leaning in that direction, anyway.) Check it:

Manchester, NH – Today, Senator John Edwards outlined his bold policies for a more family-friendly America with universal paid family and medical leave, universal pre-kindergarten for […]

The stupid fantasy

This post is just … look: if you are a plus-sized woman, or you have one in your life, you need to read this. I almost don’t want to pull a quote so you’ll go read the whole thing, but:

Because, you see, the Fantasy of Being Thin is not just about becoming small enough […]

Blah, blah, blah

I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately, but I just do not have anything blogworthy to say. Everything I can think of sounds so boring it puts ME to sleep, so I can only imagine the soporific effect it would have on my beloved readers. (You heard me: soporific. Just because I’m at home […]

Quote of the Day

Nine-year-old nephew, on getting ruthlessly laser-blasted as he makes his way through the new Simpsons video game:

“Dude. That does not bode well.”

Me: Did you just say ‘that does not bode well?’Nephew: Yeah.Me: Gimme five, dude.Nephew (too cool for it, but complying): Why?Me: Because I just don’t think many nine-year-olds would use that phrase.


Quick Take

OK, it’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, yo, and we’re hosting this year, so there is NO TIME for blogging, but I had to drop in and post this, because: PIGTAILS!

Three-quarter view:

Rear view:

You have noooooo idea how long I’ve waited for the Hatchling to have enough hair for pigtails. Well, ok, actually, you […]

Saturday Video Blogging

What cooler way can there be of teaching kids the alphabet than making up extremely catchy songs about the different letters? These are two of the best, IMO.

Lonely Letter NCapital I


Thursday Recipe Blogging: Holy Yum!

With the weather getting colder I get the urge to get in the kitchen more often, and between and blogs like the smitten kitchen (not to mention the subscription to Bon Appétit my lovely mother-in-law got me) I have plenty of inspirations for new things to try. Last week I made this crazy yummy […]

The Supremes to my Diana

Things that are not fun: going to the MOA this evening to buy Mr. Squab some much-needed shoes with an extremely crank-ass toddler in tow. She didn’t want to be carried, no she DID want to be carried WHY AREN’T YOU CARRYING HER? Just let her run in the shoe aisles, that’s all she ever […]