The Good Stuff

This evening, the Hatchling came over to the sofa, snuggled up to my left side, took my right hand and put it over her tummy, and then held that hand in both of her little chubby ones. Then she leaned back and crossed her ankles, perfectly positioned to watch a little evening telly. (We’re partial […]


Last night, I slept for nearly 11 hours. Please keep your fingers crossed that this is the start of a new pattern.


I know. I know! A whole week without any posts. Erk. Last week really kicked my ass, mental-health-wise. Insomnia kicked in again (it seems to be going around) and I just could not get out of a deep blue funk. I’m still not totally out of it, in fact, which is really getting old. Something’s […]

Weekend Report

What happened this weekend:

1. The Hatchling got a vicious cold. Much mucous ensued.

2. Mr. Squab got the Hatchling’s vicious cold. Even more mucous, and much sneezing.

3. Said colds notwithstanding, we hosted a dinner party. I swear to god, until I graduated from college, my vision of adult life consisted largely of throwing […]


She’s so right. (As usual.)

Oh, it’s not selling unsafe toys to American kids that’s so shameful. What’s fucking shameful is that we–and I include myself–only give a shit about the American kids whose rooms are stuffed to the gills with cheap-ass toys made in sweatshops in China, whose workers are often not much older […]

Can we go every day?

So our ECFE class? Is AWESOME. First, it’s in this beautiful school which is in a beautiful area of town – the school was built about 5 years ago but you walk in and it feels like it’s been built to last: stone walls, high ceilings, spacious classrooms and lots of windows. The ECFE classroom […]

Random Tidbits, new school year edition

* Maybe I just needed the weather to change. It’s been in the 60s the past couple of days, real autumn weather, and I’ve been feeling a little more of my accustomed seasonal appreciation. The Hatchling and I had a good day today, getting out the warmer clothes and putting away some of the lightest […]

Missing Madeleine

I just saw the news that Madeleine L’Engle has died. I absolutely devoured her books, starting at about 10 years old. I can’t imagine having made it through Jr. High and High School without them – they made me feel OK about not fitting in, and helped me to think big thoughts about big stuff: […]

Friday Video Blogging

It was a lovelygorgeousbeautiful day today, so the Hatchling and I decided to go to our favorite park and look at the flowers and play in the fountains. Er … with the fountains. At the fountains? Anyway, Mr. Squab joined us after work, which totally blew the Hatchling’s mind – Daddy! In the park! Whoa! […]

Not dead; merely resting

Sorry for the lack of postage this week. Just haven’t had the gumption to put anything in blogular form. Instead, how ’bout some bullets?

– Took the Hatchling for her very first visit to Urgent Care on Labor Day. Considering she’s almost 17 months old, I’d say that’s not too bad. The cause: we suspected […]