Eight Random Facts About Me

I got tagged, yo. Here’re your random facts:

1. I am 1/16th Cherokee. (On my father’s side.)

2. I’m directly descended from Martin Luther’s sister. (On my mother’s side.) Yeah, THAT Martin Luther.

3. In grad school, I tended bar at a small party attended by Marcel Marceau, and at the end of the night […]

Daily Index

Number of explosive, no really, I mean EXPLOSIVE, diapers changed today: 3.

Diapers changed, total: 6.

Close calls with toddler climbing up, behind, or around various parts of the house: 4.

Cheddar-flavored Sesame Street character-imprinted crackers strewn about the carpet: approx. twelvety billion.

Requests by two toddlers to be held/snuggled/paid attention to: constant.

At the […]

Foolish Parental Bragging Post

As a rule, I try to avoid posts along the lines of “my kid is such a GENIUS” because, a) they’re flipping annoying, and b) they’re oh so rarely true. I adore the Hatchling, but her talents and skills, precious though they are to my eyes, are really about the same as any other toddler […]

Things I find moderately-to-seriously freaky

Driving home behind a newish car the rear window of which is filled with scattered, realistic looking, baby doll limbs. Just limbs. No heads or bodies. Just, like, 30 molded rubber flesh-toned baby arms and legs rolling around in this dude’s rear window.

Who does that?

The difference between one and two

How one toddler indicates she is ready for her afternoon nap:

Toddler: Man, I am tired. My eyes feel kind of itchy. I better rub them. Also, I hate all these toys. I will push them away from me, they are so stupid. God, I feel like crap. Maybe if I bury my head in […]

Double Whammy

For the next two weeks, starting tomorrow, the Hatchling and I will have some extra company from noon to 6 pm. Our friend Fi, who is five weeks younger than the Hatchling, will be spending afternoons with us while her mom teaches a class. Mostly, I am excited about this: the two girls love spending […]


This past weekend we got a last-minute invite to spend some time at a fabulous cabin on a beautiful lake with some wonderful friends and their two adorable children. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance. The weather was absolutely perfect all weekend long, and it was the most relaxing “vacation” we’ve had since […]

Whaddya call a half-decade?

Whatever the term is, that’s officially how long Mr. Squab and I have been married, as of today. Five years of wedded bliss. Well, with the occasional snark added in for seasoning. When we first got married, we were too broke for a honeymoon trip, and we talked about doing one for a 5th year […]

See, honey, THIS is why we should get a dog!

You know what’s a good thing to do when you’re feeling cranky? Go onto YouTube and do a search for “laughing babies,” that’s what. Watch a couple of those videos and your spirits will lift right up. (This one was sent to me by Michelle, though. Thanks, babe!)



You know how sometimes you go on vacation and even though travel can be stressful it’s kind of nice to get away from things and then you get back and the house isn’t clean and the cat has puked on the sofa and you know you have a ton of emails to get to and […]