Linky Bits

Interwebby snacks I have recently come across:

1. Damn, I love Carolyn Hax.

2. God DAMN, I love Mercer Mayer.

3. I think I’m type 7 with a little type 1 thrown in there.

4. This is the kind of story that makes me scared to have a daughter. Also angry as hell.

5. The […]

A Whole New World

So I mentioned that I have a “nanny” this week, meaning that for the first time I’m spending entire days away from the Hatchling. But did I also mention that we’re having our roof re-shingled this week? Cos we are. It was loooooong overdue – we knew when we bought the place a year ago […]

What I Like

… is baristas who call me “love.” As in, “what can I get for you today, love?” or “Oh, sorry, love, I don’t think we have any more of that muffin.”

Just makes the process feel a little more human.

Whoa. Is THIS how it happens?

So I’m sitting here in Dunn Bros. coffee shop writing because my TOTALLY AWESOME SISTER is being my nanny for the week so I can finish. My goddamn. Dissertation. But that’s not what I’m here to tell you. What I’m here to tell you is: a young woman just walked in to the coffee shop […]

Thor’s Day linkage

I’m still recovering from my stupid cold, so I’m short on bloggy love. But here are some good links, some fresh, some of which I’ve had in my “to blog” folder for waaaaay too long. Enjoy!

1. Moxie’s Manifesto – a good summation of why I love her site so damn much.

2. Pearl’s outtakes […]

There oughta be a law

You know how there’s Murphy’s law? And the Peter Principle? Well, I think we need a new axiomatic phrase for the following commonly observed phenomenon:

1. Baby gets pathetically, feverishly, no-appetite-nosleeping sick;

2. Parent spends much extra psychic, mental and emotional energy caring for said baby, thus compromising his or her own immune system to […]

Mother’s Day

Yeah, so I’m a little late posting these felicitations. What can I say? My own daughter decided to show her appreciation for my mothering skills by getting the sniffles and then a fever which rendered her woebegone and snuggly in the extreme.

But I digress. It’s Mother’s Day, and while lord knows one day isn’t […]

The Drama Builds

We are having a serious case of the crankies at our house today. Possibly related to our decision to wake up at the bright hour of 5:00 am. And by “our” I sure as hell don’t mean “me.” On the principle that at least my readers can have a chuckle, even if I am currently […]


I’m a sucker for apps like this: type in your URL and see your site as a pretty graph. Here’s Snarky Squab:

(as seen at Mahtab’s place)


I’m not what you would call a hugely competitive person; I don’t like being the last person chosen for the team, but I don’t have to be the first person, either. Somewhere in the upper 25% is usually OK with me.

So it’s been a bit of a surprise to me how crochety I can […]