Two weeks of turning one: a photo narrative

As befits the only granddaughter and the youngest member of a very large family, the Hatchling had quite an extended series of first birthday celebrations. It started with a little family fete at home on the night of her birthday. We opened a few presents, and more importantly, ate cupcakes for the very first time:


24 Hours

I’m totally doing this, and you should, too.

That Than Which There Can be Nothing Cuter

Unlike some other prodigy babies, the Hatchling didn’t figure out how to clap until last Friday, when she somehow learned it literally overnight. Thursday, nothing doing; Friday morning, I got her up and brought her into bed with us and when Mr. Squab got up to get dressed, she started clapping and laughing like she’d […]

The Titanic Toddler

As in “like a Titan,” not as in “sinking ship.”

The Hatchling had her 12 month check-up today, and as usual, she’s off the charts, yo:

Noggin: 46.5 cm around (90th percentile)Height: 31.5 inches (>97th percentile)Weight: 26 lbs, 10 oz (>97th percentile)

So … yeah. Now I understand why my back hurts all the damn […]

Twelve Months Old

Dearest Hatchling,

Today, you are ONE YEAR OLD. Jumping Jehosaphat. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I remember this time last year like it was only weeks ago: getting pitocin to induce labor, the doctor using that weird crochet hooky thing to break my water […]

The Landlord

OK, I know some people consider it bad taste to make kids say naughty stuff and then film it. If you’re one of those people, you won’t like this video. But for the rest of you: Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, and McKay’s daughter made a pretty hilarious short called “the Landlord” and if you’re up […]

33 Dead

My maternal grandparents lived in Blacksburg, VA, as did my great grandmother. We used to go there three or four times a year.

I hate that I will now associate that town with this insane shooting.

Times like these, I wish I believed in a specifically designated higher power. But my thoughts and prayers go […]

Thinking Blogger Awards!

Aw, shucks. Christopher gave me a Thinking Blogger award! I can’t imagine what my ramblings here would make anyone think, aside from maybe “this bitch is CRAZY,” but I guess that just goes to show you. Now that I’ve been tagged, I get to extend the award in turn to 5 blogs that “make […]

Friday Extremely Cute Baby Blogging

This year’s Christmas photos notwithstanding, I don’t normally go for the standard posey-posey, fake backgroundy pictures. Our wedding photographers were photojournalists, and while we did do some of the traditional poses, my favorite pictures by far were the unposed ones. Having been sucked into the Kiddie Kandids for holiday pix (and really, the name tells […]


And now it’s time for …. HUMP DAY MOVIE REVIEWS! Recently viewed by the squab and spouse:

300 – Holy, holy, holy crap, this was a bad movie. And let me be clear: it’s not that I hate CGI, or movies based on graphic novels, or any of that stuff. I thought Sin City was […]