Comestible Chaos

Yesterday the Hatchling and I went out to lunch with ShabbyDoll and her daughter, like we usually do on Tuesdays. The weekly “playdates” (can you call it a playdate if the kids involved mostly ignore one another in favor of eating straws?) are such a boon – it’s great to have a friend with a […]

Random Tidbits, Post-Oscar edition

1. It’s officially the end of an era: last night, for the first time in 5 years, I correctly predicted fewer than 15 of the Oscar winners. (I got 13 right.) I blame the Hatchling, who is seriously hampering my ability to go out to the movies as much as I would like to, and […]

My Visual DNA

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I guess she’s feeling better

One of the aftermaths (is that a word?) of the Bolivian Death Flu was that we all lost our appetites for about a week. The Hatchling had a particularly hard time with this; she seemed scared to eat any baby food and would only take things she could feed herself: bread, cheese, pieces of fruit, […]

10 months old

Dearest Hatchling,Yesterday, you turned 10 months old. It’s been a tough month health-wise, with a bad chest cold at the beginning of the month and a bout of what I can only call the Bolivian Death Flu at the end of the month. It’s no fun being sick, obviously, but you’re remarkably good natured about […]

It’s a boy!

Welcome to the world, Luke James! You’re one cute little peanut.

How to Charm Me

While giving me a back rub, ask me if I love you, and when I say “I’d love you MORE if you made me some hot chocolate” go into the kitchen and make me some! I was joking! But it was good!

Oooh, sometimes it’s so nice to be spoiled.

Right. That’s it. I have Ebola.

That’s the one where your insides turn liquid, right? Yeah. Mr. Squab says it only lasts about a day. Happy fucking Valentine’s day to me.


Two steps forward, one step back

The Hatchling appears to be MUCH better today. She hasn’t puked once, and she’s kept down several varieties of liquid and even some apple-banana cereal. Thank the sweet lord, because yesterday she was really so pathetic I almost couldn’t take it. Of course, the doctor warned us that she may have a few ups and […]

Not out of the woods yet

Well, drat. The Hatchling seemed a lot better yesterday, but then last evening she started feeling crummier again, and this morning she is utterly wobegone. Threw up in her bed last night, which of course we didn’t find until this morning, and had an exploding diaper that went all the way up her back and […]