Mutton dressed as totally rockin’ lamb

So, last night I went to see Justin Timberlake and Pink in concert. I got the ticket from my future sister-in-law, who wanted to go with someone who would “enjoy the concert without irony” (i.e., not my brother). Now, it’s true, JT is one of my guilty pleasures – hell, not even that guilty: have […]

Sometimes, babies rule

To wit: This afternoon, the Hatchling took a whopping THREE HOUR LONG nap (yep, she’s still sick), and when she got up she spent five minutes trying to catch the sunbeam coming through the window.

There’s just nothing not great about that.

Thank you, internets.

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My chest cold: still present, though getting *slightly* better. I still sound like an asthmatic walrus when I’m sleeping, so that’s fun for Mr. Squab. But the BEST part is that I gave the cold to the Hatchling, despite all the hand washing and Purell-ing I’ve been doing since I got sick. I tell you […]


I have a chest cold. It sucks. I sound like a lifelong smoker.

Posting will be light.

Golden Globes Liveblogging

Ok, keeds. Here we go!! Awards season is officially upon us. Let’s revel in the designer gowns and awkward speeches.

Opening sequence: well, it isn’t quite as annoying as last year’s … is Heidi Klum pregnant AGAIN? What is she, part rabbit?

7:02 First award: Best Supporting Actress in a musical/comedy. No brainer – it […]

Ah, Nature

Remember when I was waxing rhapsodic about the benefits of being a SAHM? How it was so great to be out in the seasons, interacting with nature on a regular basis?

Yeah. This morning, the Hatchling and I watched two squirrels humping on a tree trunk outside our livingroom window. They were going at it […]

Things you only discover after you have kids

Today’s episode: The Staining Power of Carrots.

I mean, really. The Hatchling’s ENTIRE BUTT is yellow. Who knew?

Baby You Can Drive My Car

Remember those anxiety dreams you used to have in elementary school? The ones where you accidentally went to school naked, but you didn’t notice it until you were on the playground or some other completely exposed place? I had one of those the other night. It involved me having to walk down a corridor in […]

Tempus Fugit

A friend who was staying with us over the weekend was asking me if my perception of time had changed since I quit my job to become a SAHM. If you’d asked me before the Hatchling’s arrival, I’d have thought that’s exactly what would have happened – the days would all blend together, I wouldn’t […]