When we were little, my mom used to entertain me and my sister by showing us how to cut out snowflakes to decorate the windows over Christmas break. And here’s why I love the internets: there’s an online version! Lookit what I made:

Try it. It’s addictive.


Apparently I’m having that kind of week

Today is Wednesday, which means the Hatchling and I have our weekly playdate with P and her daughter. We decided to lunch at a chi-chi little mall in Uptown and then do some Christmas shopping until the girls gave out. As I left the house, baby in tow, it crossed my mind that I hadn’t […]


OK. So since I last posted, I’ve been whiling away the Thanksgiving holiday, sleeping in, reading novels, stuffing myself on leftovers, and – oh yes! – finishing up the last of my Christmas shopping. No time for blogging! Too much fun!

Yeah, that’s a good one. What actually happened is that I woke up Thanksgiving […]

Mmmm … Turkey

One of the best side-benefits of being a SAHM is that I’ve started cooking again, which I enjoy quite a bit. We hosted the family for Thanksgiving this year, and I went all out (with some ample assistance from my sister and stepmom). Here’s what we had:

Pumpkin BreadChex MixCheese Ball and CrackersCoffeeHot Cider

TurkeyCorn […]

Things that keep me up at night

Why do we abbreviate “combination” as “combo?” Why not “combi?”

Seven Months Old

Dearest Hatchling,

This last weekend, you turned seven months old. They say seven is a lucky number, and it must be true where babies are concerned, because this definitely feels like the golden time of your infancy. You’re still cuddly and sweet, and you haven’t yet introduced us to the terrors of having a mobile […]

Christ on a crutch

Delightful. Not a week after the international breastfeeding icon is revealed, Delta airlines kicks a family off one of their flights because the mother was breastfeeding. Now, to my mind, it ought to be perfectly acceptable for nursing moms to go shirtless on planes while they’re feeding their kids, but I recognize that’s not everyone’s […]

I want! Want, want, want!

I’m a material girl. I admit it. I love me some stuff. But I mo-specially love clever, cute stuff. Which is why I’m sorta wishing I lived in the UK today (ok, let’s be honest: I always wish I were living in the UK), because HOLY CRAP is this some cute and clever stuff.

For […]


Mr. Squab and I went to see Borat last weekend. I was a little nervous about the film, because although I think Sacha Baron Cohen is a comic genius, I’m not a fan of prank humor in general. Johnny Knoxville, Crank Yankers, Bam – I just don’t like ’em. To me, it’s not funny to […]

Hmmmm …

Born and raised in the southeast + middle and adult years in the upper midwest = northeast accent? Say wha?

What American accent do you have?

Your Result: The Northeast

Judging by how […]