En Vacance

The Hatchling and I are going on vacation for a week, to a locale with no hot water and no internet access. It will be the Hatchling’s first plane trip. Did I mention she’s teething? Yah. So … pray for me.

We’ll be back next weekend.

Three Months Old

Dearest Hatchling,

We made it! You’re through the “fourth trimester” and by all accounts things should start getting a little easier from here on out. This month was already easier than last month, so let’s keep that upward trend!

One of your favorite things to do lately is kick and push with your little legs. […]

Survival Kit: the first three months

We’re rounding the corner of the first three months, and in the interests of posterity (and to remind me when I have the next one), here are the beyond-the-basics things without which I would not have survived the “fourth trimester”:

The Happiest Baby on the Block (book and DVD)A swaddling blanket or twoA good rocking […]

She Laughed!

The Hatchling laughed for the very first time yesterday evening. She was nursing and when she got done something must have tickled her funny bone and she started to chuckle. That made me laugh, which made her laugh even harder. It was the Best. Sound. Ever.


Can somebody explain to me how it is that my cat knows EXACTLY the moment when I’ve just gotten the Hatchling to nod off, and invariably chooses that moment to come into the nursery and meow his loudest?

Because I would really like to know.

With my sling of power and my infant of truth

Yesterday, my friend P. and I were taking our babies on a walk around the lake, like we do almost every Wednesday. As we rounded a curve in the walk, we saw a phalanx of four other mommies pushing their strollers coming towards us.

P: Hey, ladies, wanna rumble?

(Two of them look confused, two […]

Oh dear lord

THIS is what I have to look forward to? I’m not sure I’m ready …

(Thanks to Shan and Topher for the link.)

Finding Morpheus

So I get these weekly bulletins from BabyCenter.com with information about my baby’s development, links to articles, and of course ads for baby products. In this week’s bulletin (for 2 months and 4 weeks), it noted: “some babies may be awake as much as 10 hours a day!”

HA HAHAHAHAHA! Stop, you’re killing me. No, […]

Uncompensated product endorsement

If you’re a devotee of The Swaddle, as we are in the squab household, then you know what a pain in the rear it can be trying to wrassle a wriggling baby into a nice, tight swaddle so she can’t flail about. Mr. Squab and I have gotten pretty good at it, but as […]

In Limbo

My religious background is somewhat varied: my family tended to congregation-hop, and as a kid I remember attending a wide variety of churches, from Lutheran to Presbyterian to Episcopalian to Catholic. (Yah, I know that’s not really much variety in the broad scheme of things, but when most of the people you know are lifers […]