Intra AWESOME device

So, at my last doctor’s visit we had the birth control discussion. Breastfeeding is some protection against conception right now, but not total protection, and since Mr. Squab and I would commit hara-kiri if we got knocked up right now, some form of control was in order. Prior to conceiving the Hatchling I was using […]

How to Charm Me

Look back at me, bleary-eyed on the sofa as you’re leaving in the morning, and say, sympathetically, “Have a good day at work.”

Taking the Leap

Well, it’s official: I’m not going back to work. I sent in my official resignation this morning, and got back a brief, polite, but unhappy reply from my manager. Now it’s just a matter of filling out the requisite paperwork and tying up all the loose ends. Fortunately, I did an extra thorough job of […]

Good enough should be good enough

I had my first public breastfeeding experience yesterday. The Hatchling and I had met a friend and her baby for a walk around the lake, and towards the end of our journey she started getting fractious. I’ll tell you, it’s amazing how a hungry screaming baby can make you lose whatever vestiges of modesty you […]

In case anyone was wondering

We are NOT a fan of vaccinations.

That is all.

High Anxiety

So, about two weeks ago I went on Zoloft. I never really got the “baby blues” as such, but a little after Mr. Squab went back to work, I noticed that I was starting to worry excessively about little things. I wasn’t sleeping well at all from being so tensed up, and I kept imagining […]

Two Months Old

Dearest Hatchling,

Oy. This has been a rough 30 days. Your doctor says the time between 1 and 2 months is the hardest period, and lord I hope that’s the case because if it gets any harder I’m going to have to do something radical like accept Jesus as my Personal Lord and Savior and […]

Ain’t he cute?

The Hatchling’s adoring aunt has taken her for the evening so that Mr. Squab and I are free to do some much needed cleaning. (I’ve been longing to get some cleaning done, a statement which probably just made my mother fall off her chair. Suffice it to say that if I’m looking forward to cleaning, […]

Looking a gift horse in the mouth

So on Friday night, we’re up in Duluth, and we put the Hatchling down around 10:30, as per usual, expecting that being as how we were in a new place and all, she’d probably get up earlier than usual, maybe in an hour or so. We went to bed shortly thereafter. I woke up at […]

We’re off!

Yesterday was Mr. Squab’s and my 4th anniversary. To celebrate, we’re heading up north for the weekend. We’ll spend one night with Mr. Squab’s mother and insanely large dog, and then we’ll leave the Hatchling to her grandma’s tender care for a night while we go enjoy a hotel in downtown Duluth, complete with jacuzzi. […]