Four Hours

That’s how long it took to put the Hatchling to bed last night. Which means it took longer to put her to bed than she actually slept once she was there. And it’s not like she’s just wakeful – she’s crankypants. Clearly uncomfortable. Is it gas? Constipation? Reflux? All of the above? We have no […]

City Living

When Mr. Squab and I were house hunting, I was adamant that we look only in the city limits of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Mr. Squab would have been happy to check out the inner ring of suburbs, but I was determined to stay in the city. Part of this was political: I think it’s important for […]

Little Victories

Last night, Mr. Squab and I went out to a movie together for the first time since the Hatchling arrived.


… I actually enjoyed it.

Guilty Pleasures Blogging

Found at Brazen Hussy’s place. Share yours in comments!

Four Guilty Pleasures in Reading1. Nora Roberts novels. Oh, the smut.2. Magazines of no redeeming value whatsoever, like Cosmo and People.3. Asterix and Obelix comics.4. Anything by Judith Kranz.

Four Guilty Pleasures in Movies1. Dirty Dancing2. Sixteen Candles/Breakfast Club/Pretty in Pink (c’mon, those all count as […]


So, the fussiness? That resulted in the haikus? Did I mention that it was constipation-related? Yeah. All the medical folks we talked to before the baby came were adamant that iron-fortified formula didn’t contribute to constipation, but color this mama skeptical. The Hatchling has been pretty irregular all along, but the last week has been […]

Haikus for a Fussy Baby

1.Crying all morning,Nothing will send you to sleep.When will Mama nap?

2.Nursing? No. Bottle? No.Cuddles or playing? No way.Everything is bad!

3.I will go to sleep,But only if you hold me.I don’t like my crib.

Fate is a stingy bastard

We must have ripped somebody off in a former life or something, because lately we can’t seem to catch a break, monetarily speaking. Get a $300 housewarming check from Mr. Squab’s crazy-generous grandma? OK, then you’ll have a $300 plumbing bill the next week. And remember how I said one of our cars broke down? […]

One Month Old

Dearest Hatchling,*

You are one month old today – and what a month it’s been! I can hardly believe it’s been a whole 30 days since I was in the hospital trying to push you out (sorry about that whole being stuck in the birth canal and having to do a c-section instead thing – […]


1:15 am – The Hatchling wakes up for her first middle of the night feeding.

2:10 am – I attempt to put the Hatchling back to bed.

2:30 am – I attempt again to put the Hatchling back to bed.

3:15 am – Third time is the charm? Not so much.

4:30 am – Mr. […]

Status update

Tired. So, so, tired.

Massive ibuprofen-resistant headache.

One car broken down, the other on its last legs.

Boobs not producing enough milk.

Pumping a) sucks, and b) is difficult when the sound of the pump is apparently the one noise guaranteed to wake the Hatchling. (Smoke alarm? No problem. Breast pump? WAAAY too loud.)

But […]