How to Charm Me

Sing a little freestyle ditty to the Hatchling whenever you feed her a supplemental bottle.* The ditty goes something like, “It’s nummy time, nummy time, nummy-nummy-tummy time/and you’re such a good girl to drink your bottle/here we go, let’s drink it up!”

Seriously, what’s cuter than that?

* For full cuteness appreciation, it helps to […]

Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earthbound misfit …

Holy jeebus, do I love lactation consultants. We took the Hatchling in this morning after one hell of a bad night: she woke up at 3 am and then nursed until 5 and still wasn’t full; Mr. Squab had to rock her until 6:30 and then we got an hour and a half of sleep […]

The baby roller-coaster

Everyone says the first two weeks are the hardest. We don’t even have it that bad – plenty of relatives to help out, both of us at home, insurance coverage and good doctors. But still, when they send you home from the hospital with that tiny little bundle, it doesn’t matter how many brothers and […]

She’s a Lady! (Whoa, Whoa, Whoa)

Well, Mr. Squab here announcing the birth of our little girl Eleanor Johanna who was born around 9:50pm yesterday. After a long hard labor which ended with a short c-section we are blessed with this beautiful little girl. She measures 7 pounds 9 ounces, and 21 inches long, and has the cutest little nose. Mom […]

A watched pot …

Still here. Still waiting. Apparently Hoss likes feeling like a sardine. Hopefully we’ll have some news tomorrow. Feel free to send laborious vibes in my general direction.

In other news, we had the suckiest Easter EVER yesterday – or at least it began that way. For the last week, we’ve been trying to savor every […]

Friday Squotient Blogging

Category: Easter Candy

Squabby: Peeps. I don’t even like peeps that much, but they’re definitely the squabbiest candy out there. First, because just LOOK:

And second, because you can say them like this: “peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps.” And third, because they inspire sites like Great Scenes in Rock and Roll History as Reenacted by Marshmallow Peeps.

Squinny: […]

The waiting game

Still here. No baby yet. Just letting you know.

You may want to file this post under “TMI”

Had my weekly check-up today, and (drumroll, please):

I am 3 cm dilated!

That’s two centimeters more than I was last week. Which is good. Also, it looks like we’re going to set up an appointment tomorrow to induce labor sometime next week if I haven’t spontaneously started before then. So either way, we’re getting […]


I just got out of a three hour “branding” meeting at my loathed place of employment. Three hours spent listening to a marketing drone talk about “positive branding statements” and “personal brands” and brandy-brand-brand-McBranderton. This workshop is mandatory for all employees at my company, because the most recent employee satisfaction survey revealed that most employees […]

Week 38 Observations

Braxton-Hicks? Yeah, they kind of suck.

There is no time at which I do not feel like I have to pee.

I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that my fetus is a scientific genius, even in utero, and has embarked on some kind of crazy physics/engineering experiment in which the elasticity of the human frame […]