Friday Squotient Blogging

Today’s topic: European Cities.

Squabby: Dublin or Munich. Lots of good drink, easy-going locals, a variety of things to do and places to go, and surroundings that are generally please to the eye.

Squinny: Paris or Berlin. Glamorous, cutting edge fashion and design, lots of amazing culture, really good food, fast paced, and gorgeous.Squotund: Oslo […]

Ummmm … No.

This has to be one of the weirdest bakery concepts I’ve come across:

Yes, you’re seeing correctly: those are, in fact, sonogram cookies. From the ad copy:

“This is the ultimate way to personalize a cookie: you simply send us a picture and we’ll print it on edible paper with edible ink to create your […]

Things that are pissing me off

1. Pre-sliced bagels. Why are the halves always uneven? These things get toasted, people! I don’t want one extra crispy half and one raw one!

2. Continuing morning sickness. Hello, I’m in month NINE. Now would be the time for this to stop.

3. The weather. It’s freaking gorgeous outside today. Where am I? Oh, […]

OK, how do I get tickets to THIS?

“The North Liberty Community Library will close at 6 p.m. Thursday because of the Harry and the Potters concert.

“The concert is free and open to the public. Harry and the Potters is a band made up of two brothers who dress like Harry Potter and play indie rock/punk songs about the book […]

Patriarchy = evolutionary advantage?

Gah. This is the kind of “scholarship” that makes me want to spit. Phillip Longman has a piece in the latest issue of Foreign Policy called “The Return of Patriarchy” in which he appears to argue that only those societies operating along patriarchal lines can survive and flourish. “Jigga-who?” you may be asking, and indeed, […]

This one should generate some comments …

SO. As y’all know, we don’t know what flavor Hoss will be when he/she comes out. Lots of people (Mr. Squab included) think it will be a girl, some think it will be a boy, I have absolutely no sense one way or the other. (Maternal instincts, schmaternal instincts.) That being the case, of course, […]

Is my unborn child a luddite?

Hoss does not like it when I use my laptop, and he/she is making that very clear whenever I get it out. Due to my burgeoning belly (now 15 times its usual size!) There’s not so much “lap” for the laptop, so I usually stick a pillow on my lap to bridge the gap between […]

Things wot are good to read

35 weeks today! Hoss’s head feels like it’s waaaaaaaay down in my twatular region. (Topher, that was specifically to make you do a spit take.)

So anyway … apropos of nothing, here’s some good stuff to read:

Ampersand has an excellent post up on how conservatives’ actions and positions speak louder than words when it […]

Monday, Monday

Boy, do Mondays ever suck. (What an original observation, I know.) This is going to be a whiny post – consider yourselves warned. We had yet another weekend that was supposed to be completely cleared for doing stuff on the house, and yet somehow got eaten up with social and other obligations. You know, some […]

What I Never Expected When I Was Expecting

Note: Thanks to good friend Snarky Squab for letting me guest-post the following, and for the nice intro below, too. –S.

The other day when Snarky Squab wrote about childbirth, it got me thinking about my own experience giving birth to my daughter almost two years ago. Reading Snarky Squab brought back a lot of […]