Well, we survived. We’re both sleep-deprived and the house is a total chaos-zone, but everything seems to be intact. We spent the vast majority of the weekend back at the apartment, transporting the stuff we didn’t get packed in time for the movers and cleaning – with the able assistance of long-suffering family members, thank […]


Moving day is tomorrow, starting bright and early when the movers arrive at 8-bloody-30 in the AM. Gah. I forecast a 99% chance of exhaustion and grumpiness.

More to the point, I dunno when our internet access will be up, so posting may be light-to-nonexistent for the next couple of days. But then we’ll have […]

O’s are so JC Penney


The thing is …

… office chairs are really fucking uncomfortable when you’re 31 weeks pregnant.

But getting up and walking around: even more so.

New favorite kid’s store

Pacifier. I just found it, and I can’t believe I haven’t gone there yet! It’s like 5 minutes from where I work! And look at the cuteness!


So cute!

Slightly disturbing yet cute!

And can you just STOP already with the cute?!?

Seriously. My TEETH hurt.


So lucky

There’s not much worse than being someone who is used to helping others and not being able to even help yourself. I hate not being able to do more packing and getting the house ready in preparation for our move this Friday. Even though I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, that I’m doing my “job” […]

Mmmm … Book Meme

I love book memes. This one’s from ABDmom; here’s how it works.

Bold the books you’ve read.*Star the titles you own or you’ve read more than once.*Italicize the books you plan to read or books you have read in part.Strike out any books you have no interest in reading.??Use question marks to indicate titles/authors you’ve […]

What keeps me up late at night

Why, when you abbreviate refrigerator, is it spelled “fridge?” There’s no “d” in the original word, so why is there one in the abbreviation?

Nerdy Enquiring minds want to know.

Funny thing I just remembered

The scene: Me and Mr. Squab watching Project Runway, to which we are addicted. (Why did they have to kick Nick off? Why?!?!) Heidi Klum comes prancing down the runway in maternity couture.

Mr Squab: Man. Pregnant women are sexy. (Turning and leering at me with a creepy stalker smile) Especially when you know them! […]


God, I’m so fricking tired. I don’t know what it is (other than just a glorious new side effect of the pregs), but this last week the fatigue has hit me like a freight train. Oof. Part of it, I’m sure, is related to the suckiness of my day job, but it’s not like that’s […]