A Brief Announcement

I have now officially begun to waddle.

That is all.

Why is Scandinavian baby stuff so damned cute and expensive?

We’re house hunting – have I mentioned that here? We figured that what with Hoss coming and our apartment being increasingly small even for the two of us, to say nothing of a young hatchling, it was about time for us to get a more permanent location. We’ve both wanted a house for a while, […]

Ooooh … pretty.

This was my Xmas present from Mr. Squab:

I’m blogging from it now. Isn’t it pretty? It’s an insanely extravagant present, which just shows you how well Mr. Squab knows me. And I lovey-love-love-McLoverton it; I’ve already spent hours playing with iPhoto, sorting and importing into iTunes, transferring documents from my old crummy PC laptop, […]

Carnival of Feminists!

The Carnival of Feminists V is up at scribblingwoman, and my post on The Price of Motherhood made it into the mix. Go check out all the other good reading material, and submit your stuff for the next carnival to Reappropriate!

Holiday Poetry Blogging

Posting is going to be extremely sporadic over the next 4-5 days, as I’m jaunting back and forth between various rellies and in-laws. Regular posting will resume on the 27th. So just to leave you in the proper holiday spirit, here’s one of my most favoritey-favorite Christmas poems.

Carol of the Field Mice, from The […]

Cute Overload

Slow start this morning + busy, busy day = not much time for blogging. So until we get some more stuff posted, hop on over to cuteoverload.com and indulge yourself. I mean, honestly, what could put you in the holiday spirit more than this?

Answer: NOTHING, that’s what! Except, say, possibly, THIS:

There’s more where […]

Behold the throne of Hoss

My mother, who is entirely too generous, bought us a bee-yoo-tiful rocking chair for the Hossmeister the last time she was here for a visit. It got delivered a few days ago, and here it is in all its glory:

I know – it doesn’t look like a rocking chair, but that’s what’s so […]


That was my sitting-up BP at the doctor’s this morning! That’s really good! Yay for lower BPs!

In other news, Hoss is apparently going to be gymnast and/or boxer. When we were trying to listen to Hoss’ heartbeat via the doppler monitor, we’d hear it for about a second, and then *crash* Hoss would punch […]

The Price of Motherhood

Slate recently profiled an extremely interesting new study on the financial sacrifices women make related to childbearing. The gist of the study is that for every year a woman in her 20s delays having a child, her lifetime earnings will increase by 10%. Slate explains (emphasis mine):

Part of that is because she’ll earn higher […]

The Bog of Eternal Stench

I feel like I’m living in one. Seriously, my sense of smell has gone beyond all rational levels. I know it’s a normal side effect of the pregs, but lordy. I’m rivalling Superman in my odor-awareness powers. For example, right now, my senses are being assaulted with the various and conflicting smells of coworkers’ […]