If I tell you to read this, and also tell you that I just about peed my pants laughing at it, will you think I’m going to be a bad mother?

(Thanks to Laddie and Matt for the link.)

Must-Read Manifesto blogging

The Bitch is on fire today. She’s posted a radical married feminist manifesto, and both the post and the discussion are well worth reading. The thing I really like about Dr. B. is that she remembers the absolute significance of economic power to health and happiness. This distinction is overlooked far too often in public […]

Happy Birthday, Monkey!!!!!!

26 is a good age to be.

How to Charm Me

Drive my ass to work at the butt-crack of dawn, even though you have the day off and could be sleeping in. That is love.

Queen of the universe

That would be me. Do you know why? Because I just completed a good 80% of my Christmas shopping. Mr. Squab met me at Marshall Fields downtown after work; we went up to the 8th floor to see the Holiday installation (it’s Cinderella this year, one of my very favorite fairy tales – I memorized […]

Or, we could just not go at all.

No luck in scheduling the funeral on Saturday; the wake is on Thursday and the funeral is on Friday. So no trip south for us. Which kind of bites. And, with the wake from 4-7 on Thursday, not so much with the Thanksgiving dinner, either. Which also kind of bites. In fact, let’s just say […]


Had a lovely, relaxing weekend up at my friend’s cabin. There are four of us who go up, all in our mid-to-late 30s. We all met through work, though we don’t all work at the same place anymore. What’s interesting about the trip is that these aren’t women I see on a daily basis or […]

Goin’ up Nort!

I’m leaving early today for a weekend up north in a cabin with some girlfriends. We’ll be, you know, wearing baby doll pajamas and having pillow tickle fights, because that’s what chicks do when they have sleepovers. (Just trying to keep Mr. Squab’s fantasy life intact.) So anyway, no posting from me until I get […]

This might be manageable …

Had my initial diabetes consultation today, and it wasn’t anywhere near as scary as I was afraid it would be. Which is nice. First off, the only other woman in the class was having triplets(!) in about four weeks, and had been confined to bedrest for the past two months. So right away my life […]

How to charm me

Leave the house before me this morning, ostensibly because you want to get to work earlier, only to clean all the 2-day old snow and ice off my windshields before you go.