Memorial Weekend Recipe Blogging

Soooo … it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and nothing says appreciation for the military like a damn good chocolate chip cookie recipe, amirite? That and plus also, I don’t have any other burning issue to blog about. Anyhoodle, I know everyone and their granny has a chocolate chip cookie recipe, but please trust me when I […]

Tuesday Recipe Blogging

Because it’s Tuesday which is my Monday and I am B.U.S.Y:

Easiest Ever Crockpot Chicken Chili

Get out the crockpot. Throw in:

2 large frozen skinless boneless chicken breasts 1 jar salsa 1 can corn, undrained 1 can beans, undrained (any kind – we use kidney or black, mostly) 1 can diced tomatoes, […]

Sunday Recipe Blogging

Things are better. I’m almost totally healthy, Mr. Squab’s foot is on the mend, and the Hatchling and the Sprout are vastly improved. Plus, my team won today and I invented a really yummy soup. As a cook, I’d say that soups and casseroles are my forte – I’m a one-dish-meal kind of gal – […]

Comfort food posting

I know, I know: Where the hell have I been? What am I, blogger or a slacker? Well, mostly I’ve been trying to sleep, trying being the operative word. For example, here’s how nap time goes: put down the Sprout, put down the Hatchling, wash out the accumulated bottles from the morning/previous night, do a […]

It’s Sunday; eat some chocolate

For Christmas I got a Hershey’s recipe box so now I can have one recipe box for savory and one for sweet. I was browsing through some of the recipe cards that came with the box, and this one for marbled cherry brownies looked, um, GOOD, and I had all the ingredients on hand. If […]

Photo Dump

Just uploaded a whole lotta pix, and thought I’d share some of the best. Happy Monday.

Here’s the red velvet cake. It’s not bakery-shop pretty, but you’d eat it, right?

Here’s what it looked like on the inside. I shall be blogging the recipe later.

I’ve been waiting a LOOOOOOONG time for the Hatchling to […]

Two Things

1. If this baby doesn’t stop stomping on my bladder and/or cervix on a regular basis we are going to have WORDS.

2. How is it possible that I have a gajillion cookbooks and yet none of them has a recipe for red velvet cake? Even the southern ones? Thank Maude for the internets.


What’re you having for T-day?

Ah, Thanksgiving: the publicly sanctioned celebration of gluttony. We will be going up to my parents’ house as early as we can get ourselves going tomorrow, so I can help with the prep and the Hatchling can have quality time with the grandparents. We will be having:

TurkeyDressing (cornbread, not that Yankee whitebread crap)GravySweet potato […]

Linky Bits

This week is kicking my ass so far, so no substantive post today, alas. But here’s some other fun stuff.

1. Christian Bale = Kermit. No, really.

2. Tewtelly ass-ome screen saver.

3. I am soooooo making this soup.

4. Build your vocab and feed the world. It’s a win-win!

5. As commenter Connie noted, […]

Oy. I am old.

Tomorrow morning the Hatchling and I are leaving to go up north to my old college town because this weekend is my 15th college reunion. And where did THAT time go, I’d like to know? I’m normally a reunion-averse person – the small talk, the trying to remember people who clearly remember me, the revisiting […]