Nine Years Ago Today …

… I went and got hitched to a man who not only took my last name but also does all the laundry and gets up in the middle of the night with the kids. I totally win. Here’s a wee retrospective of the day (note: I’ve been married so long these are scans of actual […]

Memorial Weekend Recipe Blogging

Soooo … it’s Memorial Day Weekend, and nothing says appreciation for the military like a damn good chocolate chip cookie recipe, amirite? That and plus also, I don’t have any other burning issue to blog about. Anyhoodle, I know everyone and their granny has a chocolate chip cookie recipe, but please trust me when I […]

Percussive Guitar: Yes, Please

One of the cool things about teaching at a contemporary music school is that your students introduce you to a lot of awesome new (to you) artists. Last semester one of my students gave a percussive guitar performance for his final project and I was really blown away by both the sound and the style. […]

File this under “Things That are Awesome”

Picked up the Hatchling from her second day of preschool this morning (verdict: still loving it), and as soon as the Sprout saw her big sister, her face totally lit up with a HUGE grin. Then they spend virtually the entire ride home just looking at each other and laughing, while the Hatchling kept saying, […]

Awesome and Not Awesome

Awesome:Having your mother, who is basically Martha Stewart, come for a visit and cook and clean like a true maniac. She cleaned my room, y’all. She is the ONLY person other than myself whom I would allow to even witness my room in its usual state of chaotic decrepitude, and not only did she witness […]

iPhones are squabby

Even more confirmation that I, as a squab, should be an iPhone owner: this NYT article reviewing some of the many new apps available for iPhones as of this Friday, includes the following one:

Urbanspoon, [which] is “a cross between a magic eight ball and a slot machine:” you shake the phone, and it randomly […]

Toddlers of Mass Destruction

This last Thursday, we had dinner with the Hatchling’s BFF Fiona and her lovely mama. We gorged ourselves on pasta from Fat Lorenzo’s, and by the end of the meal the girls’ shirts were so completely besmirched with alfredo sauce, there was nothing for it but to remove them entirely. And all I have to […]

Too good not to share

We think the Hatchling may, finally, be hitting her verbal stage. For the longest time she’s had the same few words (kitty, hi, no, dada, ok, yeah) and relied on her (surprisingly effective) baby babble for everthing else. But then on Sunday she spontaneously came out with two very clear new words, each with an […]

Happiness Is …

Finishing up what you thought was the final novel in your new favorite series, only to receive the next book, which you forgot you ordered a few weeks ago, in the mail, that very same day.

Sometimes early onset senility results in nice surprises.

The Little Things

Today I had the luxury of dropping off the Hatchling at a friend’s house for the afternoon. (Doubly appreciated because Mr. Squab has been out of town since the ass-crack of dawn Monday morning, so the Hatchling and I needed a little time apart, you know?) This meant that I could:

– Go to […]