Apparently my life is currently incompatible with blogging

It’s not like things haven’t been happening. The Sprout turned 3 months old, the Hatchling is coming up with new catchphrases and other awesomeness all the time, Mr. Squab and I celebrated our 7th anniversary, I finished rereading the entire Harry Potter series – I mean, the days are filled. Just not so much with […]

Random Tidbits for the weekend

1. The Sprout has decided to try on being a fussy baby for the last two days. The mellow thing is SO last week. Apparently. This is not contributing to a positive mental state in her mama, who is finding herself really, really, really looking forward to being a mother of two girls about three […]

Kids = Stress, Parenting = Anxiety

OK. So, we’re back home and starting the process of getting used to being a family of four. The good stuff: I totally missed the Hatchling (and the feeling was definitely mutual) so it’s been good to be back at home and get some snuggle time with my first baby. Baby 2.0 – let’s call […]

Gah. Busy.

Relatives in town.Prepping for Kid 2.0.(One month left. ACK.)Trying to catch up on teaching stuff.Would prefer to be sleeping, eating or peeing most of the time.


I will post a cute video tomorrow, I promise.

In the meantime, is it just me, or does “the Island of Sodor” sound a lot […]


I’m still #$*()#@$#&! sick. I no longer feel like death warmed over and I’ve been able to sleep a little the last two nights, but I’m sure as hell not healthy. Twice today I had a coughing fit so hard that I puked. Fun times. I’ve also had four, count ’em, FOUR doctor’s appointments this […]

Not as rejuvenating as I would have thought

I had a lovely weekend with my chicas, doing nothing but listening to music, playing board games, eating, reading and sleeping. (Also engaging with the red squirrel who had taken up residence at the cabin and was damned if he’d leave his warm winter home just because *we* were there, but that’s another story.) I […]

Heading Out

I’m leaving at noon today for my annual Estrogen-Weekend up north. (Mmmmm … estrogen.) We’ll have pillow fights in our skimpy baby-doll pajamas, paint each other’s nails, and engage in group massages. At least that’s what Mr. Squab would like to think. Send supportive thoughts to Mr. Squab, who has indicated that he is going […]

Reticence is not her problem

Yesterday the Hatchling and I went to tour a possible preschool for her for fall (because, yes, you have to start at LEAST this far in advance if you want to get your choice, which is kind of giving me hives. Not to mention figuring out how we’ll pay for it, which is also giving […]

Gestational Update

Well, it’s officially ten weeks from today that the newest member of the Squab family will make herself known. Somehow ten weeks sounds like an awfully short amount of time. Shorter even than 2 1/2 months, which also sounds really short. There is a slight undercurrent of panic running through the household – I mean, […]


I swear, this pregnancy is making me a total klutz. I’m not saying that I’m the epitome of grace at the best of times, but the last two weeks my level of physical ineptitude has really gotten ridiculous. I can’t fix a meal without dropping at least three key items on the floor. I can […]