Vacation, eh?

So I can FINALLY tell you that I’m up in Canada this week, a trip that’s been months in the making. My family has a cottage on Lake Erie about an hour north of Buffalo, NY, and every year some portion of us makes the trip for a week or two to enjoy the beach […]

Not so much with the Merry and Bright

The funeral is Friday, so I’ll be flying south tomorrow afternoon, returning Sunday evening. We’ve done some abbreviated Christmas celebrating, with plans to do the rest once everyone is back in town in the New Year. Right now I’m mostly just glad that the Hatchling is so little that she doesn’t really know the difference; […]

I’m baaaaaaaaaack

Did you miss me? I had a great time in Knoxville; for one thing, the weather was what November is SUPPOSED to be like (40s and 50s, damp, rainy) as opposed to the pre-winter crap we get in this godforsaken state. And for another thing, that baby is CUTE. Hoo. Plus my mom was there, […]

Sweet Sorrow, my ass.

Today was a rough one. Got out to the nursing home this morning to find Mimi in one of the group rooms, playing a game of ring toss with about ten other inmates residents. Some of them looked like they were sort of having fun, but for the rest, including Mimi, it was clearly just […]

Dispatches from Dixie

It’s kind of amazing how quickly two days can go by even when you don’t feel like you’re doing much. It’s equally amazing how tired you can get just sitting with someone, if that someone has dementia. Mimi is … well, my aunt calls her “confused” and I guess that’s as accurate a term as […]

Is that I light I see at the end of this tunnel?

1. A woman at the Atlanta airport kindly patted me on the back, told me my tag was sticking out, and fixed it for me. I’m a sucker for random acts of kindness like that.

2. Unbeknownst to me, that blessed woman who checked me in to my THREE HOUR delayed flight this morning also […]