Wachet Auf

To say that I am not a morning person would be an understatement approximately equivalent to saying that Voldemort has some anger issues. I’m the kid who never took an 8am class in college or grad school, because I knew I’d never pass it. When we were looking at kindergarten options for the Hatchling, I […]

I write letters

Dear Molars,You suck. Why you gotta hurt so much coming in? Moreover, why you gotta come in four at a time? That just seems like unnecessary zealousness on your part. Christ, the Sprout is only ten months old. Surely she doesn’t need to get ALL of her teeth this month. Take a break, already!

Sincerely,The […]

Bedtime Stories

Last night. Bedtime. Had battled various bugs in the bedroom earlier in the day and Mr. Squab had to get rid of a spider on the ceiling right above the bed just before we got in. I have a bug phobia.

Me: Can I snuggle with you? (Mr. Squab lifts arm to make the snuggle […]


Well, hello. Ahem. Anybody still out there? Soooo … it’s been awhile. I guess I needed a break or something. Actually, that would be “or something” because it’s not so much that I needed a break from blogging (I mentally narrate my day in blog posts; it’s sad) as it is … other stuff. Part […]

Comfort food posting

I know, I know: Where the hell have I been? What am I, blogger or a slacker? Well, mostly I’ve been trying to sleep, trying being the operative word. For example, here’s how nap time goes: put down the Sprout, put down the Hatchling, wash out the accumulated bottles from the morning/previous night, do a […]

I write letters

Dear Sprout,For your information, the hours between 2 and 5 am are generally considered ideal for SLEEPING, unless you are an owl, a bat, or a college student. As you do not fall into any of these categories, it would be greatly appreciated if you would desist from your nocturnal wakefulness. We enjoy hanging out […]

Awesome and Not Awesome

Awesome:Having your mother, who is basically Martha Stewart, come for a visit and cook and clean like a true maniac. She cleaned my room, y’all. She is the ONLY person other than myself whom I would allow to even witness my room in its usual state of chaotic decrepitude, and not only did she witness […]

Random Tidbits

1. My normally awesome-sleeping daughter is currently up in her darkened, white-noised room yelling “I can’ SEEEP, Mama!” and “Jump! Jump-a-me!” and “Oh, sooooo nice” at random intervals, and has been doing so for the last, oh, twenty minutes or so. She’s not crying, just fussing, so I haven’t gotten her up … because holy […]

No, I really mean it. OLD.

Well, we are just in a whirlwind of social activity lately. This last weekend was my college reunion, as previously blogged. I didn’t actually attend any of the official activities, due in large part to the Hatchling’s decision to wake up every three hours (like clockwork!) all night long on Friday night. But I did […]

This is not a post.

It’s a statement that there will be no post, as the Hatchling, having JUST gotten over her intestinal crud, came down with a rapid-fire hacking chest cold last night, the result of which being that I think I maybe got one hour of sleep last night, but I’m too tired to remember exactly.

Hope your […]