Weekend Recap

1. Saw Mamma Mia on Friday with BFF and BSL (best sister-in-law). Had a blast singing along to ABBA and wishing that I would EVER be as beautiful as Meryl Streep. Is it silly? Yes. Can Pierce Brosnan sing? Hell, no. But he’s still damn cute, and it was a fun, popcorny, summery movie.

2. […]

Sometimes it’s exhausting being a humorless fat feminist

I grew up in a family of college professors; specifically, philosophy professors. My parents and their friends are professional critical thinkers, and our dinner table conversations were often on the esoteric geeky side. Sometimes this was cool, sometimes it was embarrassing, but whatever: it was what it was, and every family has its own weirdnesses. […]

More Accurate Titles for the Latest Indiana Jones Movie

1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SUCK.

2. Indiana Jones and the Travesty that Besmirched the Franchise.

3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crap Screenplay.

4. Indiana Jones and His Creators Phone It In.

5. Indiana Jones and the Unbelievably Lame Use of Unnecessary CGI.

6. Indiana Jones and the […]

Review: The Yummy Mummy Manifesto

When it comes to mothering, at least in this culture, there’s a lot of pressure to do it all. Be a combination of Martha Stewart, Marmee from Little Women, June Cleaver, and – oh yeah – make sure you’re still dynamic and sexually attractive. For god’s sake don’t lose your style!! Because, you know, we […]

Review: A Plumm Summer

It’s summer, and that means it’s blockbuster movie season. There are several mega-movies coming out that are high on my “must-see” list – I love me some good popcorny entertainment – but I admit that by the end of summer I’m often maxxed out on CGI explosions, car crashes, bullet-time and death-defying finales. Enter A […]

Review: Body Drama

As the product of a quasi-hippy household, I learned the “facts of life” at a ridiculously early age. I’m not sure how the conversation was initiated with my mother – probably it stemmed from her being pregnant with one of my siblings – but I do remember that my reaction was “gross.” I think my […]

Review: 101 Pep-Up Games for Children

So, in case you haven’t noticed it on the right-hand side, I’m a member of LibraryThing, which is this enormously satisfying way of cataloging one’s book collection online. Enormously satisfying for TOTAL NERDS like me, I mean. Oooh, I love me some book cataloging. Mmm-hmmm. And the only thing even more awesome than organizing my […]

HELL yeah

One of the awesome things about living in Minneapolis is that the Guthrie Theater is here, and if you’re lucky and have an x-treeemly nice friend who works there sometimes you get to do things like go see Sir Ian McKellen talk about his life as an actor and then take questions from the audience. […]

Review: Becoming Jane

Last night a friend and I went to see Becoming Jane, a new movie starring Anne Hathaway as Jane Austen. The movie depicts, among other things, a fictionalized romance between Jane and a prepossessing young law student played by James McAvoy. I can think of maybe three reasons to make a film like this: 1) […]


Ehm … I was totally going to blog something today, but then I found this site, which is so cool I’ve spent all of the Hatchling’s nap filling stuff in. I don’t know if it’s a symptom of being the oldest kid or what, but I LUUUUURVE family trees. Charting one’s ancestry is such a […]