Happy Earth Day

Three things:

1. Not to harsh your enviro-buzz, but check out this post by Kevin Drum. Really puts all that recycling you’re so committed to in perspective, don’t it? (Not that I’m going to quit recycling or anything. But perhaps some legislative oversight is in order, no?)

2. This is a damn good op-ed.

3. […]

The Final Countdown: T minus 2 days

1. The headcold rages unabated. In retrospect, purchasing stock in Kleenex about three months ago would have been a good move.

2. To be honest, if anyone said the phrase “the power of positive thinking” to me right now I would probably kick them in the nards, but there *are* some things making me happy […]

Final Countdown: T minus 5 days

Daily Index:

Watching – American Idol. Because my brain is just that fried.Eating – What have you got? No, seriously. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT.Reading – Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo. Because my brain isn’t that fried. Although I can only manage about 10 pages before I fall asleep.Wearing – only stretchy jersey-type fabrics. In […]

Two Things

Item one – Conversation between me and the Hatchling this afternoon, as she’s running around with her superhero “cape” on (a big silk scarf she ties around her neck):

Hatchling: I superhewwo!

Me: You are a superhero.

Hatchling: Fwy weawwy fast.

Me: You sure are flying fast. Go, go, go!

Hatchling (stopping and looking right […]

Gah. Busy.

Relatives in town.Prepping for Kid 2.0.(One month left. ACK.)Trying to catch up on teaching stuff.Would prefer to be sleeping, eating or peeing most of the time.


I will post a cute video tomorrow, I promise.

In the meantime, is it just me, or does “the Island of Sodor” sound a lot […]

Random Tidbits

1. How much did you love Obama’s press conference tonight? Mr. Squab turned to me and said, “It’s weird having a president who … like … actually knows what he’s talking about and answers the questions that are asked, with no creepy chuckles or smirks.” Indeed. Me likey.

2. Why, Birmingham, WHY????

3. How psyched […]

Will blog for beach house

What’s that you say? It’s Friday and where the heck have I been all week? FREEZING MY ASS OFF, that’s where. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, it’s been cold this week. Like, cold enough to kill you in a matter of minutes. Or, if you’re me, cold enough to make you want to kill someone. Every year […]

This just in: The birds at our birdfeeder are retarded.

We don’t get the pretty, showy birds at our feeder; it’s more of a proletariat smorgasbord of miscellaneous sparrows and chickadees. Which, no biggie, they gotta eat, too, but sweet fancy MOSES, are they stupid. Here’s the pattern:

1. Assemble in branches of fir tree adjacent to feeder.2. Swoop down en masse and lustily attack […]

Good Riddance, 2008!

Looking back, I have to say that 2008 was not exactly a banner year. We had a break in and robbery, both cars broke down and had to be replaced, lots of pregnancy-related ill health, grandma going crazy and then dying – not to mention the economy going to hell and all kinds of political […]

Photo Dump

Just uploaded a whole lotta pix, and thought I’d share some of the best. Happy Monday.

Here’s the red velvet cake. It’s not bakery-shop pretty, but you’d eat it, right?

Here’s what it looked like on the inside. I shall be blogging the recipe later.

I’ve been waiting a LOOOOOOONG time for the Hatchling to […]