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I got me some tag.

5 things found in your bag:1. Hand lotion2. Skip Hop diaper thingy3. Random earrings4. Fruit leather and raisins for the Hatchling5. Sigg water bottle

5 favorite things in your room:1. Funky 70s-era chrome mobile2. Ikea gingko-patterned duvet3. Walk-in closet4. Big painting of violets done by an artist friend5. My sweet, […]

This shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

OK, look at the picture below and see which way the sexxxxy lady is spinning. Is she turning clockwise or counter-clockwise? According to this site, the way she’s turning depends on your brain dominance. If you’re right-brain dominant (like yours truly), you’ll tend to see her turning clockwise. All you left-brain dominant folks will tend […]

Obama: Interesting; Huckabee: GAAAAAAAH

So, Obama pulled off Iowa. Good for him, I say. It will be veeeeeeeerrrrry interesting to see how this whole thing shapes up. I’m particularly interested to see how the Clinton camp spins this. I’m not sure what to make of the fact that Democratic Iowans went for the least conventional of the top three […]

Privilege Meme

The bolded bits apply to me. (Stolen from Wyliekat)

1. Father went to college2. Father finished college (and then some – he’s a PhD)3. Mother went to college4. Mother finished college (and then some – she’s a PhD)5. Have any relative who is an attorney, physician, or professor (sister is an attorney, parents and some […]


It’s that time of year again. Time to watch post-stroke Dick Clark mumble his way through the “Rockin’” New Year’s Eve, start thinking about taking down the decorations, stop counting cookies as one of the major food groups and generally get one’s house in order for the new year. And resolutions. Time for resolutions. Actually, […]

You’re damn right, it does

This squab hath a pleasant seat.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

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Bookish meme

I done been tagged.

Total Number of Books?Ehm … a bagajillion? I honestly have no idea how many books I own. Doing an extremely rough estimate by linear feet of shelves, I have over 1,100 out in the house, plus probably another 800 or so in boxes in the basement or at my dad’s house […]

What I’m thinking about RIGHT NOW

Man, that post title sounds way more meaningful than this post is actually going to be.

1. Taking on this sweater as my winter knitting project. I’m the world’s laziest knitter, so this might be a stretch, but it’s sooooo cute.

2. This post from Jordan, because as the Hatchling grows ever more firmly into […]

I’ll take that as a compliment …

Are you Well Envoweled? We checked 1,000,000 names and 38.4% had more vowels than ‘Elise Robinson‘. That means you arewell envoweled. Check your envowelment, find your Power Animal, and see your name in binary at

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