Walking the line

On Sunday a major tornado came through Minneapolis and devastated several blocks in North Minneapolis neighborhoods. Our south Minneapolis home was blessedly spared, but the pictures and stories have been all over Facebook and the news, and we have friends within blocks of the destruction. At my ECFE class this morning, we were talking about […]


Why is it that they can make perfectly acceptable artificial cherry, grape, orange, lemon, strawberry, lime, etc. beverages, but artificial apple beverages universally taste like ASS?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Link Dump + Question

Link Dump:Foodscapes – amazing landscapes made entirely from food. Seriously, you have to see these.

It’s like Matt Groening knew back in 1987 exactly how I’d be feeling 21 years later.

On the other hand, it’s not like anyone’s hiring right now, anyway.

A very interesting article about the British healthcare system.

A very depressing […]


Is it wrong that, at two-and-a-half years old, the Hatchling can unplug Mr. Squab’s iPhone from the charger, turn it on, unlock it, open her favorite application and start to play?

Yeah. That’s what I thought.


Is it possible for nausea to get *worse* in the second trimester?

Is voicemail really dead?

Some people are saying that voicemail is dead, and we should all be emailing or texting instead. Not sure how I feel about this. I have family members who are ONLY accessible via text, and sometimes this is a pain in the ass, frankly. I have an ollllllllld cell phone (counting down to my new […]

Saturday musings

It is a GORGEOUS day today here in Minneapolis. Sunny, not too hot, a nice breeze – really just a perfect day to be outside. Not that I really know, mind you, since I’m at my regular coffee shop all day, doing the writing thing, hoping that there will be more perfect days once I’m […]

Right. I have HAD IT.

You know what we had today? SNOW FLURRIES.

You know what the forecast for this coming week is? SHITTY.

You know how much I want to flee this godforsaken state right now? NO. NO, YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE.

Can I PLEEEEEZ win the lottery so I can get the fuck OUTTA here already? It. Is. […]


I’m making a cinnamon-chocolate bundt cake for a potluck we’re going to tomorrow, but I can’t decide how to frost it. Should I go with a chocolate glaze? Cream cheese frosting? Chocolate buttercream? Caramel icing? I just can’t decide … what would you make you salivate the most?


What is it about even the most innocuous emails from one’s dissertation director that causes one’s blood pressure and stress levels immediately to rise to unhealthy levels?

Hypothetically, I mean.