Oscars 2010 liveblogging

OK, there are about to be a whole passle of people at my house for the awards viewing, but I have been requested to live blog the event, so I will do my best to share sporadic snarky thoughts with you as the evening progresses. Just know this: if Avatar wins Best Picture, I WILL […]


I realized the other day that the Hatchling’s awareness of standard fairy-tale tropes comes almost exclusively from the Shrek movies. Which, given the philosophical problems that I, as a post-millennial over-educated white feminist have with said tropes, is A-OK with me. Princess in need of rescuing? Fiona is a black belt in karate and does […]

Cats, man. Cats.

Two tewtelly ass-ome cat videos, introduced to me by my students.

Munchkin Cat. OMG teh cutes will killz u.

Kittens Inspired by Kittens. This is totally something I can see the Hatchling doing in about a year.



Steal This Message

My friend J.B., father and longtime Democratic operative, is sending his kids to school tomorrow with the following permission slip:

“Despite the warnings of right-wing radio hosts, and fully cognizant that my daughter risks learning a lesson in civics, I, nonetheless, grant her permission to watch a televised address by the duly-elected leader of these […]

Sunday Fluff

So something about the death of director John Hughes really feels like the end of an era for us Gen X’ers. I mean, the man’s movies pretty much defined “cool” for most of us, and I can still personally quote entire scenes from Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. So I started thinking about […]

Love this.

via Shakesville.

Sweet Tap-Dancing Jesus, this is awesome

Someday, when my children are teenagers and start wondering aloud why I’m so weird all the time, I will show them this video. Because, frankly, once you’ve seen a musical version of Star Wars starring Donnie and Marie with cameos by Redd Foxx as Obi-Wan, Kris Kristofferson as Han Solo, Paul Lynde(!) as Grand Moff […]

The physics of porridge

This might be the best thing I’ve read on the internets all year:

The only way that the story can make sense is if, for some reason, the Mama Bear has the smallest portion of porridge. In which case, this is a story with a very different moral than the original– it’s a story about […]

Liveblogging Oscars 2009

Right: time for the show itself. We’ve been promised some innovations. I remain skeptical. However, spending 3 hours with Hugh Jackman in a tux can’t be all bad, right?

7:30 – Oooh, sparkly. I like sparkly. Ok, I’m amused so far. HJ totally has the chops to do a musical revue. Who knew Anne Hathaway […]

Liveblogging Oscars 2009: Preshow

OK, keeds. It’s that time of year, and since we once again did not get our acts together in time to have an Oscar party, I will be liveblogging the awards. Keep hitting that refresh button for new injections of snark!

First, here are my predictions for some of the major categories:Original Score: Slumdog MillionaireOriginal […]