Holy Shit

CNN and NBC just called it for Obama. Grant Park is going insane. I totally just choked up.

This is IT, y’all. One of the few times in my life that I’m conscious of being alive in a historical moment.

FUCK, I wish I could have a drink.

Cautiously Optimistic

Moving this back up top … We mostly have it tuned to CNN, because Mr. Squab thinks their “hologram” shtick is teh awesome. The Hatchling and I spent the afternoon (post-nap) dancing around the living room and chanting “Yay, Obama!” Only she pronounces it “Obamama,” which is much cuter. They’re saying that MN had at […]

Oh, and also, have you seen THIS SHIT?!?!

Totally unbelievable. This woman is, like, a caricature of a mean old conservative lady. I love the responses of the neighbors. (h/t Bitch, PhD).

God, I’m glad it’s almost over

I feel all jittery about tomorrow, even more so than usual. But one thing I will NOT miss is the mother. effing. campaign commercials. The presidential ones don’t get under my skin too much anymore, (maybe because I’m pretty optimisti about the outcome of that race) but christ, the Coleman/Franken ones are getting brutal. Coleman […]

Linky Bits

Howie and the Fonz being pro-Obama is not surprising, but Opie and Andy threw me for a loop, I admit.

Not that readers of this blog need convincing that federal money is better spent on the poor than the rich, but this graph is still pretty cool.

Looky, Daddy has some fabulous images for voting […]


Heh heh.

Debate #3 Live(ish) blogging

I know, I know, I’ve been extremely delinquent of late. I’ve been trying to operate on the time-honored principle of if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all … and you can see how THAT’S turning out. Fortunately for you, my class tonight had completely blown off their assignment for […]

Post-Debate discussion

Well, I have to admit I’m a little bummed that Palin didn’t totally crash and burn, BUT: I thought Biden knocked this one out of the park. Man, was he in good form – substantive, passionate, pithy, informed, on point. Palin, as far as I could tell, was all platitudes and talking points with a […]


OK, I’ve gotten this link from about five different people, so I figured I’d better post it. Might make the debate more fun, less cringing. I will not be able to live-blog tonight, as I have to attend a rehearsal, but we’ll record the debate and I might “live” blog my responses as I watch […]

Liveblogging Debate #1

Well, folks, we’re gonna take a stab at liveblogging this sucker. Hopefully McCain’s lack of prep will make for some interesting moments.

8:05 – Obama gets the first answer. He seems to be doing a decent job controlling his tendency toward over-verbiage. Nice clear points. Good job connecting the economic disaster to Bush and McCain. […]